5 Best Online Meat Delivery Apps 2023

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Best Online Meat Delivery Apps: Local meat shopping can be hectic and complicated when deciding which seller to buy from, and many people have major worries about hygiene and quality standards. Some companies deliver the tastiest meat to your home, making the process hassle-free. Here, we’ve compiled a list of some of the top meat delivery services that can consistently provide you with the freshest meat at the lowest prices.

Here, we’ve collected a list of the top meat delivery services that are inexpensively available in India for all seafood and meat enthusiasts. Search through the collection to find the app that best suits you.

5 Best Online Meat Delivery Apps

5 Best Online Meat Delivery Apps 2023

Top 5 Meat Delivery App in India:

1. Licious

Licious is a Bangalore-based company that was established in 2015 and is one of the major players in India’s online meat delivery market. The goal of the business is to provide clients with the highest-quality beef. It runs in practically every major Indian city, including Hyderabad, Pune, Kolkata, Chennai, and others.

Licious offers a wide variety of meat items in addition to only delivering meats, including chicken, mutton, seafood, eggs, cold-cut meats, etc. Even ready-to-cook meat options are available, including afghani chicken, prawns, kebabs, and other delectable meat dishes.

All of Licious’ meat products are FSSC 22000 certified and put through 150+ quality checks in its top-notch central manufacturing facility, which makes it unique in the meat industry. Join Licious Meatopia if you love meat and want to receive limitless free deliveries and frequent cashback.

What advantages of Licious

  • Delivery is free on orders over Rs 699 and there is no minimum order amount. Use Licious’s exclusive and verified coupons to increase your savings on your purchase or to take advantage of extra perks like free delivery, cashback, and more.
  • Vacuum sealing is used on every shipment to maintain quality.
  • has a user-friendly interface with great features that make placing an order quite easy.

2. TenderCuts

TenderCutsOne of the fastest-growing businesses in India is TenderCuts, an Omni channel meat retailing company with headquarters in Chennai. It offers its customers the option of receiving premium meat both online and in-store. Currently, it runs operations in Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Chennai, three important cities.

A wide variety of fresh and juicy meat products, including chicken, mutton, seafood, cold cuts, and various kinds of eggs, including brown eggs, quail eggs, etc., are available from TenderCuts. It also provides a variety of meat cuts for you to choose from. Additionally, TenderCuts offers pickles, species, dry fish, oils, marinated meat, sauces, spreads, and prepared foods.

To ensure that the consumer receives fresh and healthy meat, TenderCuts partners with the best local agricultural and fishing communities. All of the meat sold by TenderCuts complies with stringent WHO guidelines and FSSAI quality standards. TenderCuts uses an Ice gel pad technology to preserve freshness, which helps to get rid of bacteria that keep the meat fresh and nutritious. You may sign up for their Elite subscription plan and receive up to Rs 50 off utilizing Tender Cuts promo codes for endless free delivery and reduced rates.

What advantages of TenderCuts

  • Cleans its meat products with RO water.
  • All of its meat products are locally sourced, hormone-free, farm fresh, and antibiotic-free.

3. FreshToHome

FreshToHomeBest Online Meat Delivery Apps, Leading Indian e-commerce site FreshToHome provides a wide selection of goods, including meat, that are delivered to your door safely. Fresh chicken, mutton, poultry, seafood, ready-to-cook items, eggs, pickles, gravies, duck meat, curries, and marinades are just a few of the meat-related products available. Even a category for fruits, cut veggies, and other ready-to-eat vegetarian products like quick paratha are included.

In several areas of the nation, including Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Jaipur, and Mumbai, FreshToHome is accessible. In addition to India, it also runs in other UAE cities, including Sharjah, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi.

FreshToHome guarantees that the buyer will receive 100% fresh, natural, antibiotic- and chemical-free meat that has been farmed and raised humanely. Top Asian laboratories have approved all of its meat and food items, further ensuring their high quality.

What advantages of FreshToHome

  • You shouldn’t miss the deal of the day section or free delivery on all orders over Rs. 799. In addition, Fresh To Home gives new customers discount codes that can be used to receive further savings, free shipping, etc.
  • The VIP plan includes excellent discounts, so choosing it would undoubtedly result in savings on each order. A few advantages include limitless free home delivery and entry to member-only discounts and specials.

4. Fipola

FipolaOne of the fastest-growing online meat delivery services, Fipola, brings top-quality meat to your home. The first contemporary meat retail company in India is called Fipola, and it is based in Chennai. It runs in important cities including Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Coimbatore.

There is an infinite variety of meats available at Fipola, including chicken, mutton, seafood, marinades, spreads, cold-cut meats, ready-to-cook, eggs, dry fish, vegan keema, etc. Pickles, canned seafood, and imported frozen seafood are all included in its broad range of product options.

Fipola’s high-quality meats, which are Halal-certified, freshly cut, and unadulterated by chemicals or preservatives, are another benefit. Fipola’s cold chain technology for preserving freshness, as well as its exacting cleaning and packaging procedures, define the quality of its meat. by its

What advantages of Fipola

  • It promises that all orders will be delivered within 90 minutes.
  • Fipola’s entire line of meat products is HACCP, ISO, and FSSAI certified.
  • a universal 50% discount on all beef products.

5. Dunzo

DunzoDunzo, a company established in Bangalore, offers pick-up and delivery services and is renowned for its innovative business approach. It brings a variety of goods to your door, including meat, groceries, meals, pharmaceuticals, pet supplies, fruits, veggies, and health and wellness items. Even shipping goods and shipments from one side of the city to the other is a service it offers. In other words, Dunzo is a brand that serves as an umbrella for a variety of goods and services.

Regarding meat delivery, Dunzo has been linked to several renowned online meat delivery companies, the majority of which are listed on our list, including Licious, Fipola, Tendercuts, and FreshToHome. This guarantees that the meat of your choice will be supplied quickly from a variety of meat suppliers on a single platform. Additionally, you may use Dunzo coupons to save money on all of your orders across all product categories. It is present in several well-known Indian cities, such as Hyderabad, Pune, Delhi, Chennai, etc.

What advantages of Dunzo

  • The app has been carefully optimized for user comfort.
  • All meat orders over Rs 200 qualify for free delivery.

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