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Vegan Ice Cream Brands in India: Hey, Vegan Shuters, If you want to eat tasty, rich ice cream that isn’t made with milk, this post will tell you about the Top 10 Vegan ice cream companies in India. We all love ice cream. In the summer, people all over the world want tasty ice creams more than ever.

But as a vegan activist, it’s a little disappointing that you can’t always get vegan ice cream. This is because many ice cream sellers in India don’t know what to do with ice cream that doesn’t have animal milk in it.

But, even so, nature gives us alternatives for everything. In the same way, there are many foods, like soy, almond, cashew, coconut, or rice milk, that help make ice cream taste better. In India, there are a lot of vegan brands that make ice cream that tastes better.

Best Vegan Ice Cream Brands in India

Vegan Ice Cream Brands in India
Vegan ice cream companies in India | Plant-Based Ice Cream

In India, there have been a lot of new veganism brands popping up in the last few years. These brands are helping regular people adopt veganism to live healthier and less cruel life.

#1. Papa Cream

Papa Cream is one of India’s most popular dairy-free ice cream brands. From our research, we know that this company sells its ice creams made from plants all over the country, in places like Mumbai, Bangalore, etc.

Tanvi had a totally different idea for a business since she was a mechanical engineer. But when she was in college, she usually read a lot about professional chefs and tried out a lot of their recipes.

And this is how he decided to turn her dream startup into a reality. She went back to India and, after doing the right research and planning, started Papa Cream in the next few years so that everyone could enjoy her passion for ice cream.

Today, papa cream is known for its many delicious ice cream cakes and sugar-free ice creams that come in a wide range of flavors.

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2. White Cub

White Cube has all the dairy-free foods you need to be a vegan, from curd to vegan ice cream. White Cub is an Indian vegan ice cream company based in Gurgaon and Delhi. They also have an e-commerce website with a number of dairies- and cholesterol-free products.

It’s likely that you’ve never heard of this brand before, but it’s important to know that it was the first company in India to make ice cream that wasn’t made with animal products.

Not only do their vegan products taste good, but they are also certified to not have any dairy in them. This makes them stand out from their competitors.

You should know that PETA Vegan Foods Awards has been honoring White Cubs for more than two years. MS Sonal is in charge of this company, which is based in Gurgaon, Delhi.

All of the team members are very focused on their mission, which is to stop people from being mean to animals.

#3. Nomou ~ Vegan Brand in India

Yeah! The name sounds interesting. It comes from the word “no-moo,” which means “no cow’s milk.”

Like the name Nomou, their products get people’s attention. On their official website, we learned that Nomou is not only India’s most unique ice cream company, but also the healthiest.

All of Nomou’s products are made from plants and don’t have any artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. However, all of its ice creams are more appealing to kids because they taste better.

Nomou is a company that only makes products that are 100% vegan, which means that none of their products have any milk in them.

This company started up in 2020, and within a short time, they were offering their services in many well-known cities, such as Pune, Jaipur, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, etc.

So, if you haven’t checked out their official website yet, you might find good ice cream for less money there.

#4. Minus 30

In the market, the company has been known for making vegan ice cream for the past six years.

Today, it is one of the best places in India to buy vegan ice cream. You can get butterscotch, coconut, dark chocolate, and many other flavors.

On the official website of Minus30, you can see that this site offers same-day delivery in cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, and Kolkata.

There are many different flavors of ice cream, but their vegan and sugar-free gelato is a best-seller because it is made with healthy ingredients and has a lot of fans.

If you live in a big city and want to try vegan ice cream, you should check out their services at least once.

#5. Bakeart

Vegan Ice Cream Brands in India, It’s a big company that promotes veganism. The company was started in 2014 with the goal of giving families who can cook their own food without preservatives or chemicals.

In the company’s story, it says that the owner became a vegan in 2016 after seeing how cruel people were to animals.

Today, they have a lot of vegan products on their platform, such as vegan cupcakes, bread snacks, and vegan chocolate.

Especially if you want vegan ice cream, you can find organic vegan, coconut, sugar-free, Butterscotch, and a lot of other kinds in this category.

#6. Tangelo

Imagine eating ice cream that is made with real Belgian dark chocolate and almond milk, with no added colors, flavors, or preservatives.

Yes, you can taste it if you can feel it.

They are different because they only use natural ingredients. Tangelo says that each scoop of their ice cream has 30% real fruit and no sugar at all.

We checked out their website and found that not only are their products healthy, but they also promote being a Vegan.

Their vegan section has mango ice cream, coffee ice cream, cakes, and a lot of other things.

#7. Vegan Heart

Another vegan business was started by Guncha Wadhwa and Kapil Wadhwa in 2018. In no time, thousands of vegan people loved Vegan Heart ice creams.

At first, they ran their business out of a local market in Mumbai. However, they soon realized that people liked their dairy-free ice creams and wanted to buy them. So, they grew their business in the best way they could.

Today, Vegan Heart is a well-known vegan ice cream brand that serves all of India’s major cities.

To find out if they are sold in your city, just search for “vegan heart ice cream.” This will take you to the vegan heart website, where you can place an order and try their delicious ice cream.

#8. Belo pops

This new business is a great example for people who want to start a business based on veganism. In 2015, Simran Sharma, the founder of Belopops, started out with only 4 flavors of ice cream.

Today, the company that makes Belo pops has more than 300 flavors. People from every state have tried their pops and given them good reviews.

People from Mumbai can go to their ice cream parlor in Bandra West to try ice cream made from pure organic ingredients. Go through if you want to learn more about their products and their new business.

#9. Cold Love

If you’re hearing it for the first time, don’t worry. Let us tell you that Cold Love has become a well-known brand of ice cream in Delhi.

After working for 20 years in the business world, Aditya Tripathi started a business that no one expected. Aditya loves to try out new things in the kitchen when he has some free time.

But in the end, the business plan he made worked out well. Today, hundreds of people in Delhi enjoy their delicious, smooth, rich, and preservative ice creams. Also, many states have different kinds of Frenchies.

#10. Koozies icecream

In the summer, ice cream is without a doubt a great way to cool down. But for our parents and other older people, ice cream is too sweet and has too much fat.

But a fitness freak, dancer, and rock climber named Mr. Nishkarsh Arora wanted to change this idea so that everyone could enjoy the taste of ice cream without feeling bad.

In 2015, they started their business to make something that tasted good but didn’t have any sugar. Koozies ice creams are vegan and have double the protein and no added sugar. If you look at their website, you’ll see that most of their products are dairy-free and have good reviews.

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