10 Best Men’s Underwear Brands for every style and budget in 2023

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Best Men’s Underwear Brands: We’re not trying to pry, but underwear is one of the most important things a man wears. Assuming you wear them daily, you need a good pair of underwear for the whole week. We have you covered, no pun intended, whether you like tighter briefs that are smooth underwear or a looser boxer that lets you stay relaxed and comfortable (like your pajamas) in the warmer months.

Instead of listing them pair by pair, we found the best brands to shop for and will let you do the rest, choosing packs of multiple teams for the week or picking out fun patterns and colours to show who you are.

Read on for some ideas for new underwear, and then get ready to do a no-pants dance in your underwear without holes or stains in 2023.

10 Best Men’s Underwear Brands

1. Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein
When you shop at Amazon, wear your Calvins to look cool. There are many different kinds of Calvin Klein underwear on the site, such as boxer briefs, hip briefs, classic boxers, and more.

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2. Fabletics

If you want to find the best place to buy men’s underwear, you should go to Fabletics. There are cotton, breathable, and anti-stink options, so everyone can find something they like.

3. Hanes

“Comfort for All” is Hanes’s motto, and we think the brand’s wide range of men’s underwear helps them reach their goal. Their Amazon store has a lot of different kinds of underwear, from boxers to briefs and everything in between.

4. Bombas

Get yourself a pair of Bombas and don’t look back. The basics brand has a wide range of cuts and styles and sizes to fit everyone. Most styles, like active boxer briefs and cotton boxers, are available in sizes small to 3XL.

5. Tommy John

Tommy John
How long do you like the inside leg of your pants to be? No matter what your answer is, Tommy John has something for you. You can shop by style, from longer 8-inch boxer briefs and 6-inch boxers to shorter 2-inch square-cut underwear and 0-inch briefs.

6. American Eagle

American Eagle
Don’t just buy jeans at American Eagle when you can add some underwear to your cart at the same time. Men’s underwear from AE comes in a lot of different styles, from super long boxer briefs that are 9 inches long to very short briefs.

7. Versace

Putting on a pair of high-end underwear first thing in the morning will make you feel strong all day. You can find these Versace boxers at Farfetch. They come in a few different styles for men who like boxers or shorter briefs. If that’s your thing, we like the ones with the Greca logo.

8. lululemon

Don’t worry about it, these are great for everything. Lululemon’s athletic underwear is great for comfort and style, and each piece is made for a different part of your day. The Always in Motion collection is a great everyday brief, and the Built to Move boxers are great for working out.

9. Nike

Now that summer is here, you need dry-fit underwear. These sweat-wicking underwear from Nike are a lifesaver in the summer heat. They come in different colours, sizes, and cuts.

10. Fruit of the Loom

Fruit of the Loom
Fruit of the Loom has a variety of underwear that is well-balanced and colourful. There is a storefront for men’s underwear on Amazon where you can find the brand. Choose this performance stretch pack or the “tighty whities,” which has over 50,000 reviews and is the best-selling pair of boxers.

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