10 Best Essential Oil Brands in India 2023

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Best Essential Oils Brands in India: At a spa, it’s a real treat to smell the refreshing and calming aromas of essential oils. But did you know these essential oils have other uses besides helping you feel better? These are made from natural plant and herb extracts and are often used in aromatherapy. When used carefully or mixed with carrier oil, these oils are also good for your hair, skin, and overall health. These oils haven’t been changed in any way, so they are 100% natural and contain no harmful chemicals.

10 Best Essential Oil Brands in India

Here is a complete list of the best essential oil brands in India.

  1. Aroma Treasures
  2. The Beauty Co.
  3. Milagro
  4. Aroma Magic
  5. Organic Harvest Essential Oils
  6. Khadi Essential Oil
  7. Kama Ayurveda Essential Oil
  8. Nykaa
  9. Soulflower Essential Oil
  10. Organix Mantra Essential Oil

1.  Aroma Treasures

Aroma Treasures

Amazon Buy Now ButtonAroma Treasures is a brand made to make your mind and body feel better and refreshed. Their products, which range from essential oils to vegetable oils, are all made of 100% natural oils and are used for personal care. They were made after years of research and a lot of knowledge. Aroma Treasures essential oils are made from extracts that come right from nature. With Aroma Treasures, you can give your body a break from the stress of everyday life and start on the path to total wellness.

You can choose from many different essential oils, such as Basil, Bergamot, Camphor, Chamomile, Cedarwood, Cinnamon, and many more. You can also select these oils based on what kind of scent you want, such as citrus, floral, or spicy.

2. The Beauty Co.

The Beauty Co.Amazon Buy Now Button
Beauty Co. is a brand that makes products with care to meet the needs of every woman. Even though they sell a lot of different products for hair, body, skin, and teeth, the only essential oil they sell is tea tree oil. This product helps with acne and other skin issues. This is good for dry skin because it helps bring back moisture. It also helps open up clogged pores, clean the skin, and make hair thicker. It is great for treating dandruff because it kills viruses. Tea tree oil from The Beauty Co. heals your skin and gives you the strength to fight off infections.

3. Milagro

Amazon Buy Now ButtonMilagro is a new-age beauty brand in India that has grown into a brand that makes new products. It focuses on making sure that the skin care products it sells don’t have any chemicals in them. Milagro Beauty Pure Essential Oil has real 24k gold leaves in it and also has anti-aging properties. Gold in the oil makes your skin healthy and bright. It keeps your skin hydrated and stops collagen from breaking down. Also, it makes your skin more flexible.

4. Aroma Magic

Aroma MagicAmazon Buy Now Button

Aroma Magic is one of the best brands that believe that what we put on our bodies should be as natural and good for us as what we put in our bodies. The same statement is used to make Aroma Magic Essential Oils. About 170 aroma therapy products, like skin, hair, and essential oils, are sold by the brand. Aroma Magic essential oils are some of the gentlest, sweetest-smelling, and most effective oils. You can choose from 34 essential oils that are all made to make you feel less stressed. Each kind of oil also has its own unique benefits.

5. Organic Harvest Essential Oils

Organic Harvest Essential OilsAmazon Buy Now Button

Organic Harvest is based on the idea that it should make products that are natural, safe, and good for the long run. Their products don’t have any chemicals, so they are gentle, safe, and very effective. Essential oils from Organic Harvest can be used for many things and make your mind and body feel better. These essential oils also help the immune system and fight infections caused by bacteria and fungi. They have a huge selection of essential oils, and you can choose one based on how it smells or what it does.

6. Khadi Essential Oil

Khadi Essential OilAmazon Buy Now ButtonKhadi Natural Health Care is one of the top companies that make herbal and all-natural products. It is sold in more than 25 countries around the world, and there are more than 50 authorized sellers. Khadi Natural Essential Oils are made from pure plant extracts that come from plants that were grown in an organic way. These are full of antioxidants that help your skin, body, and mind feel younger from the inside out.

7. Kama Ayurveda Essential Oil

Kama Ayurveda Essential OilAmazon Buy Now ButtonKama Ayurveda is a well-known brand that started out to promote real Ayurvedic products all over the world. The essential oils from Kama Ayurveda are full of antioxidants and other important ingredients that help you get beautiful skin. Acne and other skin infections are helped by their antibacterial properties. These fragrant essential oils also make your immune system stronger, which helps you stay healthy and avoid getting sick. You can choose from 14 different essential oils based on what you need.

8. Nykaa Essential Oils


Amazon Buy Now ButtonNykaa, one of the biggest online stores, has made a big splash in the makeup and beauty market. Its home brand collection has a wide range of products, including a luxurious set of 12 essential oils that were chosen by hand. The Nykaa Essential Oils are a mix of natural and therapeutic base oils that can help you relax and feel better overall. There are many different kinds of these oils, such as orange, lemon, eucalyptus, cinnamon, sweet basil, and others. All of these essential oils are made to heal problems with the skin, hair, and body.

9. Soulflower Essential Oil

Soulflower Essential OilAmazon Buy Now ButtonBorn out of a passion for creating premium and organic products with high efficacy, Soulflower has some of the best essential oils on the market. Crafted with natural and robust components, the line of aromatic essential oils is perfect for personal care. They combine botanical chemistry with modern science in a pursuit to make products to give you the best possible results. The therapeutic magic of organic ingredients can help with skin issues, hair problems, and other ailments. Their Lavander Essential Oil is particularly significant to control acne and soothes skin; it is one of our top choices

10. Organix Mantra Essential Oil

Organix Mantra Essential OilAmazon Buy Now ButtonOrganix Mantra is all about health for the mind, body, and soul, and they keep making products to help people stay at their best. You can choose from a range of products that include both essential oils and carrier oils. All essential oils are made by steam distilling the leaves, flowers, and buds of plants that have been picked by hand. This makes the oils very potent. Their undiluted Rosemary Essential Oil is worth mentioning because it makes skin feel smoother and makes hair grow faster. It is also a good choice for aromatherapy because it is made with natural ingredients and doesn’t contain any chemicals. It can help ease stress, ease muscle pain, improve blood flow, and do a lot more. You can use the essential oils from Organix Mantra by themselves or with carrier oils.


Essential oils are strong liquids that can be used for many different things. In every way, from the physical to the mental to the emotional, these oils work wonders. It is important to enjoy its health benefits, and the brands listed above are some of the best. Even though they all work well, we like Aroma Magic, Khadi Natural, and Good Vibe oils the most because they come in a wide range of scents and have many benefits. Check out the list and pick the favorite that works best for you.


What is essential oil used for?

Essential oils smell great, relieve stress, treat fungal infections, and help you sleep. They are extracts from plants that are very strong.

Which essential oil is best for stress?

Essential oils are often mixed with chemical additives to dilute the formula or change the colour or smell. If you want to get the most out of your favourite oils, you should buy organic versions from brands like Khadi Pure, Kama Ayurveda, or Aroma Magic.

Which brand essential oil is best in India?

The results of essential oil are better and last longer the purer the formula is. Most brands try to give you the purest version of these oils, but Organic Harvest, Nykaa, and Milagro are said to be some of the best to try.

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