5 Fantastic Goa Festival That You Should Not Miss Anymore

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5 Fantastic Goa Festival: Goa is a happy place full of fiestas and carnivals that give the relaxing mood of this lovely city. This location will give you the much-needed break from the tedious history sights and introduce you to a city where everyone believes in partying and relieving your concerns via merriment. Whether it’s the fun Goan attractions or the friendly Goans themselves. The city hosts numerous events throughout the year, so regardless of the month you visit Goa, you will undoubtedly see people having a good time and celebrating special occasions. Let’s reveal the top 7 festivals around which you may plan your trip to Goa in order to avoid missing out on the fun that makes Goa so popular!

5 Fantastic Goa Festivals

1. Goa Carnival

Goa Carnival
The Best Goa holiday is the carnival, which perfectly captures the small-town charm of the region. It is a four-day event that combines elements of the traditional culture that the Portuguese brought to Goa with contemporary elements. There are activities such as drinking, dancing, and decompressing from daily stressors, as well as a sizable parade that serves as a musical fiesta. People will be taking in the celebratory atmosphere of Goa at its peak during this delightful carnival, and the well-known red dance is a must-see during this festival.

2. Ganesha Chaturthi aka Chovoth in Goa

Ganesha Chaturthi aka Chovoth in Goa
Every Indian believes Ganesha Chaturthi to be an auspicious day, and Goa to celebrates it splendidly. Chovoth, on the other hand, is a time for celebration through flower-creating contests and cooking five dishes on this day. The statue of Lord Ganesha is typically brought into homes for about three days. Additionally, on Chovoth, the residents dress up, decorate the Ganesha idol, and make sure the holy sites are impeccably clean and beautifully decorated.

3. Holi

Holi in Goa
Holi’s colorful season transforms the city into a riot of color and shows you a happy Goa! It is observed similarly to Holi in all of India, where people welcome the spring season by dousing one another in color and setting aside their differences in order to find happiness in their lives. Therefore, if you plan to visit Goa around March, when Holi takes place, be prepared to get colored, wet from water balloons, and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of Goa.

4. Grape Festival

Grape Festival in Goa
The sole component of the Grape Festival is wine, which predominated every celebration during this fiesta. The Grape Festival features a variety of wines and other foods, and there are live performances, wine-tasting demonstrations, fashion walks, and other forms of entertainment to fascinate you. The best time to visit Goa if you have never tried wine is during this festival since you may sample wine, sip wine, and just immerse yourself in this drinking celebration.

5. Christmas

Christmas in Goa
Christmas is also a significant aspect of Goan culture because it is the time of year when inhabitants here deck out their homes with lovely ornaments. Put the spotlight on the churches, and fill the air with enchanting songs. The festive fervor of the city is at its peak during the holy season of Christmas, and there are gorgeously planned feasts. Goans also make sure to attend the Midnight Mass.

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