7 Stock Market Terms You Need to Know

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Stock Market Terms: People who are young and haven’t done much investing before and want to start trading stocks may find the stock market to be a scary place to start. To be a good stock market investor, you need to know a core set of ideas and words. But many people don’t have the right knowledge, and the many technical and financial terms that are often used in trading can make them feel confused.

Stock Market Terms

Stock Market Terms 2023
So, if you are a beginner investor who wants to make money trading stocks, you need to know these seven terms:


When an investor has equity, it means that they have a certain number of shares of stock in a business. When investors buy stock in a company, they are buying a small piece of the company. People buy and sell company shares and other types of stock on the stock market.


The asking price or offer price is the least amount of money sellers are willing to take for a share of stock. So, if you want to buy stocks, pay attention to the “ask” price.


Bids, on the other hand, show how much an interested buyer is willing to pay for a particular share of stock. If more than one person wants to buy the same stock, it could turn into a competitive situation. When one bidder makes an offer that no one else is willing or able to match, the auction is over.


Whether or not it has a physical location in a market, an exchange is a place where different assets can be bought and sold. Shares of stock can be bought and sold on a number of stock exchanges around the world. The National Stock Exchange (NSE) and the Bombay Stock Exchange are India’s two best-known stock exchanges (BSE).

Trends in the market: up and down

When talking about changes in the stock market, the terms “bear market” and “bull market” are often used. These words are used to talk about trends in stock prices that are either bullish (a rise) or bearish (a fall). Bull markets are when stock prices go up, which makes the market as a whole go up. Bear markets, on the other hand, are when stock prices go down, which makes the market as a whole go down.

Trading Account

You need to open a trading account, which is a type of investment account before you can buy and sell assets on the stock market. Investors who want to trade can do so online by getting a trading account from a stock market broker. If you buy or sell stocks online, you’ll need your trade ID, which is a unique number for your account.

Demat Account

A Demat account, which is short for “dematerialized account,” is like a bank account for an investor. A Demat account is like a bank account in that it stores the investor’s shares and other securities in digital form instead of as cash. When a person has all of their interests in one place, it makes trading much easier. This includes stocks, bonds, mutual funds, insurance policies, government securities, etc. It’s faster and easier than sending certificates in person, and it’s safer than paper certificates.


If you know how the stock market works, you can make a lot of money from it. To start trading stocks in the modern world, all you need to do is do some preliminary research online, gather some relevant information, and open a trading account with a reputable brokerage service.

If you know what these seven stock market phrases mean, you will be a better trader who knows more about the market and how it works. Even though it may take some time to learn and get used to all the terms used in the stock market, these seven key terms will help you get started and be an important part of your day-to-day trading.

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