10 Best Motorcycle Helmet Brands in India for 2023

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Best Motorcycle Helmet Brands in India: Helmets are the most basic and important thing to have when riding a scooter or a bike. Nobody should ride a bike without a helmet on. So, what are the best helmet brands to buy? We will tell you the top 10 best motorcycle helmet brands in India in 2023.

In dangerous situations like car accidents, a good helmet can help save our lives. The 10 brands on this list have cushions that keep your head from getting hurt badly. So, this is where you can buy the best helmets at a price you can afford.

10 Best Motorcycle Helmet Brands in India

Best Motorcycle Helmet Brands in India

Why should I get a helmet with a name on it?

If you get into an accident, you should protect your head so that you don’t die. A branded helmet can protect you by making it less likely that your head will get hurt. So a brand-name helmet will always do its job.

The best brands of motorcycle helmets for men and women in India


In India, Vega is the most popular brand of motorcycle helmet. About 60% of the people in India wear these Vega helmets. In their factory, they make helmets that are both sturdy and stylish. All kinds of bikes can use them. They have many different kinds of helmets, such as Modular Helmets Off-Road helmets Full Face Helmets Open Face Helmets, and Vega is known for more than just helmets. They also sell branded helmet parts, liners, head wraps, shields, bungee nets, and a lot more. This Vega helmet is available for both men and women.

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2. Steelbird

This is the oldest helmet company that is still in business. It has been making high-quality, stylish helmets for 50 years, and these helmets have saved lives. Steel Bird Helmets has been around since 1964, making it the oldest company that sells cheap but good helmets. People liked this because it was reliable and easy to get. They sell more than just helmets, though. They also sell gloves, shoe covers, jackets, leg guards, knee guards, and guard kits. This steel bird company makes helmets that people in this country trust. Some government agencies buy a lot of products from this steel bird business. Steel Birds made many different models, such as Open Face Helmets Modular Helmets Flip-up Helmets Motocross Helmets, and more.

3. Studds

Next on our list is Studds, which is the most well-known brand of motorcycle helmets. It stands out because of how it is made and designed. Studds does business under both the name Studds Helmets and the name SMK Helmets. They have many kinds, such as Full Face Helmet Flip-Up Helmets Open Face Helmets Off-Road Helmets Industrial Helmets

4. LS2 Helmets

LS2 Helmets
Since 1990, it has been making the best product. They make helmets that are of high quality. For the past 25 years, it has made designed motorcycle helmets. They want to sell high-end items at reasonable prices without lowering the quality. They have many different models, such as, Bars made of carbon fiber and polycarbonate Prices range from Rs. 4,600 to Rs. 10,000 and beyond, depending on the different styles and models.

5. THH Helmets

THH Helmets
It is a company based in Taiwan. It has been going on for years in our country. THH Helmets is known for making helmets that are of high quality. It makes high-quality helmets by using high-level carbon fiber Kevlar technology. All THH helmets are known to be of high quality and last a long time. They use 3D modeling and Finite Element Analysis to come up with their plans. The price of this helmet starts at Rs. 1099 and goes up from there depending on the quality and style.

6. Wrangler Helmet

Wrangler Helmet
The Indian industry that makes helmets Wrangler is a brand made in the U.S. Wrangler was the brand name for US of America clothes, but over time, the company also started making helmets. They have made some progress while still making great helmets. Wranglers sells good-quality motorcycle helmets at a reasonable price. These helmets meet the needs of their customers. They also deliver some models like Safety Helmets Zach Helmets Open Face Helmets Bulletproof Helmets Protection Helmets Riding Helmets

7. Royal Enfield Helmets

Royal Enfield Helmets
If you have a Royal Enfield bike, you should definitely buy this helmet. It gives your Royal Enfield a classy look. It was made by the United Nations, but it is now becoming popular in India. They mostly make helmets with no faces.

8. Aerostar Helmets

Aerostar Helmets
It is a well-known brand in India and is located in the Bhiwadi Industrial Area. With high-end products, they made their brand well-known in a short amount of time. If you want a good motorcycle helmet that won’t break the bank, Aerostar is a good choice.

9. HJC Helmet

HJC Helmet
This HJC helmet has been one of the best sellers for the past 50 years. It’s a well-known brand for coming up with new ideas. They sell this helmet in India, Europe, North America, and South America. This can give you a stylish and comfortable finish.

10. Shoei Helmets

Shoei Helmets
It was started in 1959, and they are still in the same place by making high-quality helmets. They are known for how stylish and classic they look. In the mid-1970s, Shoei was the first company to make carbon fiber helmets. They are unisexual models, and there are two kinds of each. Helmets that cover the whole face, Open face helmets.

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