Kurnool Best Places To Visit: 7 Places to Make You Want to Visit Again

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Kurnool Best Places To Visit: Kurnool, in the state of Andhra Pradesh, is between two well-known rivers: the Tungabhadra and the Handri. This is a great place to live. You won’t be let down if you expect to see a lot of natural beauty there. The city’s location is a big part of its beauty, but it also has beautiful hills, waterfalls, and lush gardens that add to its beauty. The city’s rich history and culture are shown by its forts and temples. If you plan to go to Kurnool, you are sure to be interested in the 8 most-visited places there.

7 Kurnool Best Places To Visit

1. The Kurnool Fort

The Kurnool Fort
Kondareddy Burz is a well-known name for Kurnool Fort, which was built in the 16th century. Achyuta Devarayalu, who was part of the Vijayanagar Empire, built the fort. The ruined fort’s remains show how beautiful the architecture that went into building it is. This fort’s prison is still standing strong, and it was named Kondareddy Burz after a rebel named Konda Reddy who died there. Two old temples are inside the fort.

2. Belum Caves

Belum Caves
The Meghalaya Caves are the biggest, but the Belum Caves are the longest in India. The one in the middle is the main entrance. The other two look like wells. The beautiful shapes made by stalactites and stalagmites are amazing. So is the colour of the light in Belum Caves. The music room, meditation hall, simhadwaram, and patalganga are all interesting parts of the caves to look at. The Indian government gave the caves the name “Unique Eco-Tourism Project,” which is a name that fits them well.

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3. Nallamala Forest

Nallamala Forest
Kurnool Best Places To Visit, The Nallamala Forest is a great place to take your mind off of stress and lift your spirits. When you go to Nallamala Hill, you’ll find yourself in a beautiful place where tigers and panthers live. If you don’t count the Western Ghats, Nallamala Forest is thought to be the largest stretch of undisturbed forest in South India. Sikhareswaram is the tallest peak in the Nallamala Hills. It is 2835 feet high. Here, you can see an old temple to Lord Shiva. There is also Cumbum Lake, which was made by people in the 15th century and is thought to be one of the oldest lakes in Asia. There are so many beautiful sights to see here that you will be captivated.

4. Rollapadu Bird Sanctuary

Rollapadu Bird Sanctuary
The Rollapadu Bird Sanctuary is 60 km from the city of Kurnool. People who like to watch birds will love this place because there are so many different kinds of birds here. Besides birds, there were also wild animals and reptiles. The thorny forests and grasslands of the 614-square-kilometer sanctuary make it a great place for birds to live. The most popular thing to see here is the Great Indian Bustard. Some of the wild animals that live here are the fox, wolf, jackal, and cobra.

5. Adoni Fort

Adoni Fort
Chandra Sen is thought to have found the Adoni Fort in 1200 BC. During Vijayanagar and Muslim rule, the fort was a stronghold. It was built on five granite hills with rocky tops. The fort is mostly in ruins, but what’s left shows how great it once was.

6. Mahanandi Temple

Mahanandi Temple
The ancient Mahanandi Temple is on the eastern side of the Nallamala Hills. Lord Shiva is honored by it. The temple is known for its architecture, and different kings have fixed it up many times. The temple is said to contain unique qualities. People who worship at the temple believe that the water in the tank can heal. No one knows where the water in the tank came from. A big Nandi stands in front of the Linga, which is made of rough, uncut rocks. This is why the Nandi is called Mahanandi.

7. Kurnool Museum

Kurnool Museum
The Kurnool Museum, which is near the Handri River, is a good place to learn about the city’s history. The Archaeological Survey of India built the Kurnool Museum, which has some of the most interesting artefacts found in the area. Some of the most important things in the museum are broken statues from ancient temples and old weapons.

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