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Portable Vegetable Garden: If you like to garden but don’t have much space, or if you often travel for long periods, you might benefit from having a portable garden.

Do you know about the Portable Garden?

Portable gardens are really just small plants in containers that are easy to move around. They are great for people who rent, are in transition, don’t have much money, or don’t have much room to grow.

Portable Vegetable Garden

There are different kinds of portable gardens:

portable garden bed diy
You can have as many different kinds of portable gardens as you want. Just use your imagination, find a container of any kind, fill it with soil, and put your favorite plants in it.

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More common portable gardens include flower-filled wheelbarrows, a collection of vegetables grown in clay pots on the back patio, or a herb garden growing between the slats of a horizontally placed recycled wood pallet.

portable garden bed on wheels
You can also hang geranium-filled tin cans with bright paint on a fence, grow winter greens in a shoe organizer, or use a tyre and some plastic to make a pond garden. Gardens on the go don’t have to be in a backyard, on a balcony, or on a patio. You can make your apartment more cheerful by putting small gardens in empty spots.

Make vignettes out of colorful annuals, saucy succulents, or edible greens in old teacups, toolboxes, and baby Webers. A portable garden doesn’t always mean you can pick it up and move it to your next home.

portable garden bed
People are pushing the limits of portable gardening by turning old trailer homes into ornamental gardens and putting glass-enclosed greenhouses in the back of their long-bed pickup trucks. This is because people live in cities with limited space for growing plants.

You can plant heirloom tomatoes in a shopping cart. That has been left behind by putting soil-filled cloth shopping bags in it.

How to Help Gardens on the Move Gardening on the ground is different from gardening in a small portable container. There isn’t much room for soil and roots in a container. It’s easy for it to get too wet or too dry.

Check the soil’s moisture level with a moisture meter. Adding vermiculite and compost to your potting mix will help it drain and hold water. If the container you’re using doesn’t already have holes for drainage, drill or cut a few small holes in the bottom. Use slow-release organic fertilizers to feed your plants regularly. Make sure there is enough light for your plants.

portable vegetable garden
Plants that need full sun need at least 6 hours of direct sunlight per day. If you don’t get a lot of suns, choose plants that do well in shade or partial shade. Choose plants that will fit in the space you have for them. If they get too big, they may get leggy or take over the rest of the plants in the pot.

How to Grow a Small, Moveable Garden If you want to grow a small, portable garden, you can use any kind of container you want. Save money by going through your closets and drawers and getting rid of things you don’t want. Use them up! Go to yard sales and thrift stores to find interesting containers. Create a unique and portable growing environment for all your favorite plants.

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