Best Gifts for Programmers 2023

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Best Gifts for Programmers: If you’re not a geek, it can be hard to find a good gift for a computer programmer. The typical programmer might be more interested in technical things than you are. They can feel very strongly about what they like and what they dislike. Programmers come in many different forms. Yikes!

We can help you. You don’t have to get the coder in your life a computer or tech gift. There are many good things to choose from. It might be a good idea to ask someone close to them or who knows about computers for help.

Socks and t-shirts aren’t always bad ideas, and you can find a lot of them with tech and coding themes. You could get them a bag for their laptop, a binary watch, a coffee maker, or even a rubber ducky (not kidding, more on that later)!

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Books are a good idea all the time. Even if you don’t know what programming language they use, they might be interested in learning another one. A subscription to a variety of online courses that teach how to code is also a good idea.

There are many gifts that have to do with computers, such as a new keyboard, mouse, or software program. Programming is fun even when it’s not for work, so robot kits, programmable drones, electronic kits, and digital assistants are all great ideas. So is home automation, where your programmer friends can tell their computer to turn off all the lights when it’s time to go to bed.

In this article, our goal isn’t just to tell you what to buy, but also to get you thinking. If you want to find the perfect gift for a programmer in your life, maybe one of our ideas will help you think of something else. I know you’ll pick something great.

Best Gifts for Programmers 2023

Best Gifts for Programmers 2023
Computer Accessories for Programmers

A Quality Keyboard

Programmers make their living with their fingers, so a good keyboard is a great gift idea. But don’t skimp!

They will be able to work quickly and efficiently if they have a precise keyboard that they can feel. Their fingers and wrists will be safe in the long run if they use a keyboard that fits their hands and is easy to use. In our review of the best keyboard for programmers, we talked at length about the needs of developers when it comes to the keyboard.

If your friend already has the perfect keyboard, they might not be too excited about getting another one. But they might want a better keyboard or be willing to try out different ones. They might even have more than one computer, so giving them a new one might be a great gift. Do your homework first and find out if they use a Mac or a PC. This will help you decide.

Mechanical switches are liked by a lot of developers. They are a bit old-fashioned because they are big, often have wires, and make a lot of noise, but they last forever and feel good to type on.

Ergonomic keyboards are made to be comfortable to use. They do this by using shapes and curves that put your hands and wrists in the best position for you. Small and light, compact keyboards are easy to carry around. They work really well as a second keyboard.

A Mouse or Trackpad

Instead of a keyboard, a good mouse or trackpad would be a better choice for a developer. The best ones can be changed, respond to, and are comfortable to use. In our review, “Best Mouse for Mac,” we looked at the best choices (most of these mice work on Windows as well). Here are some suggestions:

  • Logitech M720 Triathlon is a great deal, works with multiple devices, and can run for a whole year on one set of batteries.
  • The Logitech MX Master 3 is a high-end mouse that costs a lot more than other mice. It fits your hand well, can be set up in many ways, and is just one of the best mice you can buy.
  • The Logitech MX Vertical is another high-end option that is designed to be comfortable to use. Its vertical position puts your hand in a natural “handshake” position, which makes your wrist less tired.
  • The Razer Basilisk Ultimate HyperSpeed Wireless Gaming Mouse is another high-end mouse, and if your friend is a serious gamer, he or she might want to think about getting it.

Noise-Canceling Headphones

Noise-canceling headphones keep coders from being distracted and let them listen to music that helps them concentrate.

A Backup Hard Drive

Backing up your computer is important, especially if you depend on it for your income. An external drive is one of the best ways to back up your computer, and it can also be used to store more data. In our roundups of backup drives and external SSDs, we list a lot of options. Here are a few that we think are good.

An Extra Monitor

Many developers love multi-monitor setups. Read our detailed review of the best monitors for programming to find some great models.

Desk and Workspace

Here are some gifts that would be great for a programmer’s office or workspace:

  • A standing desk like the Ergotron Large Standup Desk or the Cozy Castle Adjustable Height Standing Desk
  • The Nulaxy Laptop Stand works with laptops that are 10 to 17.3 inches long.
  • A comfortable, ergonomic office chair, like the Herman Miller Aeron Ergonomic Office Chair or the Alera Elusion Series Mesh High-Back Multifunction Chair.
    The X Rocker 4.1 Pro Series Pedestal Wireless Game Chair is for gamers.

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