How to take care of your garden in the monsoon

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How To Take Care of Your Garden: If you want your garden to stay healthy, you have to take care of it. If you take care of your garden and keep it clean, the flowers and fruits will definitely grow well. We all love to see our plants grow and bloom. During the rainy season, plants in the garden may get sick or lose leaves. Don’t be afraid!! Taking care of a garden is not hard if you follow some simple rules.

How To Take Care of Your Garden

1. Thoroughly check your garden

how can we take care of plants
The first step is to check your garden carefully, especially after a storm or a lot of wind. Check for broken twigs and see if the wind blew away any dust or trash.

Also, keep an eye on the plant to see if it gets sick or does anything else strange.

2. Provide support to your plants

5 ways to take care of plants
Strong wind can hurt many plants, so make sure it isn’t hurting yours.
Young trees or shrubs that grow slowly should be supported in a garden because strong winds can hurt them.

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3. Don’t let your soil erode

how to take care of plants outdoor
Rainwater can wash away the soil in your garden, exposing the roots and making it hard for the plants to grow. In the worst case, a plant could start to die.

Make a barrier around plants to keep the soil from washing away, but be careful that this barrier doesn’t trap water.

4. Make sure water is not getting logged

Basic Monsoon care of your garden
Even though a little rain is good for your plant, make sure the soil drains well and that you don’t put the pot in a place where water will pool.

5. Add fertilizers and look at the color of the leaves

how to take care of plants in pots
Yes, you can feed plants when it’s raining. When it rains a lot, the nutrients in the soil may be washed away. Use good organic fertilizers and manures that break down slowly for your plant.

6. Prune your plants

Prune your plants
You must cut off the branches with sick leaves. You can also cut away any extra growths you don’t want.

7. Bugs or Pests?

take care of your garden
A Garden is likely to attract insects or other pests that feed on the plant’s sap. Plants give you more humidity and a place to hide.

Pick insects off the ground to get rid of them, since they are likely to multiply and become hard to control soon. You can also kill them with a good insecticide or pesticide.

8. Ask an expert

take care of your garden in the monsoon
As a last resort, if you don’t know what to do, it’s always best to talk to an expert about your problem.

You can read about how to care for a garden in different forums, blogs, and articles.

Gardening is fun and a good way to relieve stress and clear your mind. You only need time and interest to keep your garden healthy.

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