The season for juicy watermelon is upon us!

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The Season for Juicy Watermelon: It is a trailing vine, an annual flowering plant. It is cultivated widely in tropical and subtropical regions for its enormous, tasty berry fruit. This species of Watermelon, Citrullus, originated in northeastern Africa.

season of pulpy watermelon
In the seventh century, watermelons were cultivated in India, and by the tenth century, they had reached China, which is now the largest watermelon producer in the world.

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watermelon cultivation in india
Most commercially available watermelons weigh between 3 and 13 kg. Typically, fruit is spherical, although it can also be globular, oval, or oblong. There are around 1200 varieties of watermelon available.

watermelon growing season in india
According to one estimate, the global production of watermelons in 2016 was 117 million tonnes. The green hues can range from light to dark, while the stripes’ widths range from extremely narrow to extremely wide.

watermelon farming profit
Summer watermelons are a delicious, sweet fruit that is typically enjoyed fresh in slices, diced in fruit salads, or as juice. You can dry and toast the seeds, or grind them into flour.

watermelon seed
The fruit of the watermelon includes around 91% water, 6% carbohydrates, and little fat. In addition, vitamin C and carotenoids are present.

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