Do you know what a lucky bamboo is really called?

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Lucky Bamboo Plant: Lucky bamboo is an easy-to-grow plant. This plant is called bamboo in everyday language. Even though the stalks look like bamboo, this plant is actually a Dracaena, even though it looks like bamboo.

Lucky Bamboo Plant

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Plants called Dracaena braunii Engl., Pleomele sanderiana (Sander) N.E.Br., Pleomele braunii (Engl.) N.E.Br. and Dracaena sanderiana Sander are often grown as lucky bamboo.

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Lucky Bamboo is also known as Ribbon Dracaena, Ribbon Plant, Belgian Evergreen, Chinese Water Bamboo, Curly bamboo, Goddess of Mercy plant, Friendship Bamboo, Sander’s Dracaena, Water Bamboo, etc.

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Even though some of its common names make it sound like it comes from China or Belgium, it is actually from Africa. People think that keeping lucky bamboo in their homes or businesses will bring them happiness and wealth.

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The Chinese who practice Feng Shui and think this plant brings good luck into a home or office seems to have given it the name “lucky.”

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People know that lucky bamboo is easy to grow and care for. Lucky bamboo seems to do well in both soil and water, so the choice is mostly up to the person.

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Dracaena braunii plants do best in a pot with soil, but they can also grow in decorative planters or bowls with just rocks and water. This makes it one of the easy-to-grow houseplants.

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