5 Best Inline Skates In India 2023

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Best Inline Skates In India: There are several options available if you’ve been thinking about getting an inline skate for yourself, which will make your choice challenging. But how do you choose which products on the market are worthwhile when there are so many? This article tries to assist you in making the finest inline skate purchase possible.

Due to the abundance of brands currently available, many people face additional difficulties. Confusion looms huge while trying to choose one. Therefore, based on performance, comfort, weight, and price, we’ve identified the best inline skates available in India to assist you in making the right choice.

5 Best Inline Skates In India

Best Inline Skates In India 2023
Here is a list of the top skate brands and their best-selling items for both amateurs and experts. Look at this!

1. Nivia Super Inline Skates

Nivia Super Inline SkatesAmazon Buy Now ButtonNivia Super Inline Skates are great for novices and those who are looking for an affordable solution. They come with a decent-quality build and can last for a long period.

Talking about the qualities of the product, Nivia uses ABEC-5 carbon steel bearings for ruggedness and stability. These bearings give longer life and are best appropriate for long journeys. This apart, it offers metal frames that can be changeable in length. These high-quality metal frames make the skates more robust and the ideal inline rolling skates for outdoors. In regards to the wheel size, it is 80 mm, comes with Polyurethane material, and has four wheels. The skates also have a built-in brake, so you can stop swiftly if you need to.

The skates come in two colours – black and blue and are available in sizes, 36-39 and 40-43, which can be modified. The finest aspect of Nivia is that it offers a one-year warranty on all its items. This means that if there are any difficulties with the goods, you may get them replaced or rectified at no cost.


  • Design: Inline
  • Wheel made of alloy steel and aluminum Polyurethane, the substance
  • Buckle as the type of closure; 3 kg, 370 g
  • Ideal for: Novices and Experts
  • Can skate both inside and outside
  • Type of Bearing: ABEC-5 Chrome Steel
  • 4 wheels are present. Size: 80mm; 4.3/5 on Amazon

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2. Kamachi K-1006 Adjustable Aluminium Body Inline Skates

Kamachi K-1006 Adjustable Aluminium Body Inline SkatesAmazon Buy Now ButtonWith its distinctive design, Kamachi K-1006 Adjustable Aluminium Body Inline Skates may be altered to fit various users. They are therefore the perfect option for those who have trouble obtaining inline skates that fit properly or who wish to personalize their skating.

The Kamachi K-1006 has Hardness-82A Polyurethane (PU) cast high rebound inline wheels with a diameter of 70 mm as one of its features. Due to their ability to offer the fastest speeds conceivable, they are a great option for both competition and recreational skating. The frame has a push button that is fully adjustable and is composed of “aluminum.” It’s interesting to note that Kamachi provides premium ABEC-7 bearings for a comfortable skating experience.

Kamachi inline skates are the best option if you’re seeking a skate that is ideal for indoor use.


  • Design: Inline
  • Wheel made of aluminum Polyurethane, the substance
  • Hook and loop closure; item weight: two kilograms
  • Best For Novices
  • Can Indoor and outdoor skating
  • Type of Bearing: ABEC-7
  • 4 wheels are present. Size: 70mm; 4.1 stars on Amazon

3. JASPO Radar Hydra-MAX Adjustable Inline Shoe Skates

JASPO Radar Hydra-MAX Adjustable Inline Shoe SkatesAmazon Buy Now ButtonGiven that they are composed of nylon, these skates are ideal for leisure skating. They work well for kids, are reasonably lightweight, and are inexpensive. With the three wheels available, you can be sure to skate smoothly and easily navigate cracks and bumps. Another thing to be thrilled about is the 100mm wheel size because it allows you to roll farther and faster.

You may precisely change the skate’s fit to your foot with the Hydra-MAX adjustment system. They are therefore perfect for those whose feet vary in width and size. According to our research, the skates’ inflatable boot shells (up to four sizes) help them fit children’s rapidly growing feet. Other features include soft-fit boots, an adjustable velcro cinch strap, laces, and a ratchet buckle for a precise fit. It comes in two shades: blue and green.

We wholeheartedly endorse these skates if you’re seeking affordable, adjustable inline skates.


  • Design: Inline
  • Wheel: Nylon as a material Polyurethane, the substance
  • Ideal For: Beginners Item Weight: 2 kg 800 g Closure Type: Buckle Indoor and outdoor skating
  • Type of Bearing: ABEC-7
  • 3 wheels are present. 100mm in size
  • Rating on Amazon: 4.1

4. Diswa Adjustable Aluminium Inline Skates Combo Set for Boys Kids and Girls

Diswa Adjustable Aluminium Inline Skates Combo Set for Boys Kids and GirlsAmazon Buy Now ButtonThe Diswa Adjustable Aluminium Inline Skates are a fantastic device that will aid in your skating development. It is designed for children over the age of 12. It is constructed with premium components, including polyurethane wheels and aluminum, and was created with your comfort and safety in mind.

The inline skates are adjustable so you can get the right fit for your feet and come with a helmet and guard package. Additionally, they offer easy-to-wear ankle straps that are comfortable. The helmet helps lower the danger of head injuries, while the skate guards protect against falls. The skates are ideal for usage at home or while traveling because they are lightweight and portable.

Overall, Diswa Adjustable Aluminium Inline Skates are a fantastic option for anyone looking for a secure and comfortable skating experience. They also come with a helmet and guard kit.


  • Design: Inline
  • Wheel made of aluminum Polyurethane, the substance
  • Closure Type: Buckle Weight: 2 kg 180 g Recommended for: Children
  • For: Both inside and outside
  • There are four wheels. Amazon rating: 3.8/5

5. Proskate French Toast 110X3 Inline Skates

Proskate French Toast 110X3 Inline SkatesAmazon Buy Now ButtonBoth new skaters and experienced skaters will love the Proskate French Toast 110X3 inline skates. It is simple to operate, enjoyable to skate on, and sturdy. This inline skate is ideal for skating both inside and outside. This inline skate includes a strong bottom deck that offers stability and a soft top deck that is easy on your feet. The hard bottom deck keeps you from getting stuck in gaps or cracks while the soft top deck also makes it easier to slide.

Additionally, it has excellent wheels that can be adjusted to be 90 mm x 4 or 110 mm x 3. It is simple to maneuver and avoid obstructions with these wheels. It offers the ABEC-9 racing series when it comes to bearings. The bearings guarantee effortless mobility so you may enjoy skating without any issues.

Although it is pricey, the quality it gives makes it worthwhile to purchase. A three-month warranty for manufacturing flaws is also available. If that is the case, the business may free of charge repair or replace the item. It provides inexpensive service for unintentional damage. You also receive a skating bag along with these inline skates.


  • Design: Inline
  • Double Void 7000 Series AL material
  • Type of Fastening: Double Buckle
  • Ideal for: Professionals and Intermediates
  • Can Skate Both Indoors and Outside
  • ABEC-9 Racing Series Bearing Type
  • 3-4 wheels are present. Dimensions: 110 mm x 3 or 90 mm x 4.
  • Review on Amazon: 5.0

Buying Guide for Inline Skates

A fantastic method to stay active and enjoy the outdoors is to use inline skates. They are a fantastic way to increase your coordination and balance. Due to the wide variety of inline skates available, research is essential before making a purchase. The kind of skate, the size of the skate, the brand, and the cost are some things to think about while purchasing inline skates. Additionally, it’s crucial to confirm that your skates are the proper size. You should take accurate foot measurements and compare them to the inline skate manufacturer’s size chart.

It’s crucial to take the skate’s brand into account as well. It’s critical to do your study to determine which brands are the finest for you because some are superior to others. Other features to keep an eye out for include adjustable straps, shock absorbers, and ankle protectors. It’s crucial to maintain your inline skates once you’ve bought them. To ensure that they last longer, keep them dry and clean.


We hope that this blog post on the top inline skates in India was educational. Please let us know in the comments area below if there is anything else you think we should include making this post more useful.

And if you’re a beginner looking for high-quality, reasonably priced inline skates, Decathlon has the top-selling skate shoes available. The skates are excellent and make learning to skate more convenient and enjoyable. There are a few FAQs concerning inline skates that you can read if you have any questions.


What Are ABEC Bearings?

Inline skates often use ABEC bearings, which stand for Annular Bearing Engineering Committee, and are rated on a global scale. They consist of two or more balls that roll along a track while the skate rotates as a result. These bearings’ performance is gauged by their ABEC ratings. The bearing will function most effectively the higher the ABEC rating. High-quality bearings are typically those with a grade of 5 or 6.

When should I change or replace the bearings in my skates?

It’s probably time to change your skate bearings if you’re in a lot of pain while skating. Skate bearings are tiny metal parts that enable wheel rotation. Over time, they may deteriorate and become very painful to skate on.

Which inline skate is superior, Nivia or Nodens?

If you’re searching for a good pair of inline skates, both Nivia and Nodens are excellent choices. However, before making a purchase, it is important to take into account a few significant distinctions between the two. Nivia is renowned for its robust design and top-notch construction. For people who want to use their inline skates for extended periods of time without having to worry about them breaking down, this makes it a fantastic alternative. In addition to providing top-notch workmanship, Nodens also prioritizes comfort in its design. This means that when wearing them, consumers won’t feel any pain or discomfort. Furthermore, Nodens offers a greater selection of sizes, making it simpler for everyone to locate a pair that fits well.

Best Inline Skates for Under Rs. 4,000?

Several inline skates cost less than Rs 4,000. The Nodens Adjustable Inline Skates and the Cockatoo Inline Skates are two of the top inline skates in this price range. Because it is simple to use and has many functions, the Nodens Adjustable Inline Skates are a wonderful choice for both beginners and intermediates. It comes with a 2-year warranty and features an adjustable bootstrap and height. For novices, the Cockatoo Inline Skates are a fantastic alternative because they are reasonably priced, sturdy, and packed with features. It is the ideal choice because it has a low rolling resistance, an adjustable bootstrap, and comfy cushioning.

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