Amazon launches its Air service in India, Here’s what you need to know.

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Amazon Air: India is the third country where Amazon’s cargo plane service is available. It was first offered in the US in 2016, and it was later brought to Europe as well.

Finally, Amazon has launched its Air service in India. This will make it simpler for Indians to get packages from Amazon. The retailer and Bengaluru-based Quikjet Cargo have a partnership. To launch its own air freight operation in the nation. The digital juggernaut claims that its most recent action will enable the business to deliver goods considerably more swiftly.

Amazon Air Service in India

Amazon Air Service In India
This is not the first market where the tech giant has put its cargo service into action. India is the third place where Amazon’s cargo plane service is available. Amazon was first offered in the US in 2016, and it was later brought to Europe as well. A report from TechCrunch says that India has two cargo planes, and each of them can deliver 20,000 packages.

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“Amazon Air’s arrival in India is important. Our investment in Amazon Air will only make it easier for our customers in India to get their packages. “The launch will also help more than 1.1 million sellers in India, which will help businesses like transportation and aviation grow,” said Akhil Saxena, Amazon’s President of Customer Fulfillment.

Amazon’s delivery service will use Boeing 737-800 planes, which will be flown by Quikjet Cargo Airlines, according to the company’s information. The Amazon-branded planes will take packages to places like Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Delhi, and Mumbai.

The company says that the change will not only speed up deliveries in India but also save money.

Amazon Launched Air Service in India
According to Sarah Rhoads, vice president of Amazon Global Air, “We’re excited to launch Amazon Air in India so we can give our growing customer base a fantastic assortment, affordable rates, and quicker deliveries. The business claimed to provide air freight services from more than 110 aircraft in more than 70 locations across the globe.

Also, Amazon recently said that they would be letting go of up to 18,000 employees, which many people were upset about. But this is not surprising because the tech industry has been laying off people for the last six months. Google also let go of 12,000 workers, and Microsoft laid off 10,000 people. Other companies, such as Meta, said they would lay off 11,000. So, a lot of people are being let go from tech companies. The good news is that they all promised to give the affected employees severance pay.

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