5 Outdoor Activity ideas for Mumbaikars and Puneites

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Everything is now more accessible thanks to the revolutionary global web era, which has moved all necessary information online. Everything can be done online with a smart device and an internet connection, from purchasing plane tickets to managing a child’s education.

Due to most of their time being spent on smart devices, parents frequently worry about the physical development of their children. Children should engage in physical outdoor activities for at least 40–60 minutes each day, according to the majority of pediatricians and child doctors Are they, however, making the best use of their time at the moment?

We’ll talk about several kid-friendly outdoor activities and how crucial they are to a child’s growth.

5 Outdoor Activity ideas for Mumbaikars and Pune-ites

1. Vasai Fort

Vasai Fort

Vasai Fort- The Yadavas initially constructed and occupied the Vasai Fort, the northernmost Portuguese bastion, which the Portuguese eventually added to. This community served as Mumbai’s forerunner. The megapolis developed subsequently as a result of Vasai.

The majority of buildings have wooden ceilings because of the 16th and 17th-century construction methods. As a result, those wooden shelters have been destroyed by the elements, leaving only moss-covered magnificent façade, walls, and columns that silently narrate the history of the Portuguese era. The remnants of the fort’s churches, captain’s home, garrison barracks, fort gates, bulwark around freshwater reservoirs, and other structures are dispersed over a vast region.

The majority of readers will recall the romantic “Kambakht Ishq” song (Pyar Tune Kya Kiya), which was filmed by Urmila Matondkar, the teen idol of the 1990s. Find out where Mumbai came from by going there. Discover for yourself why Goa is an overrated travel destination when you’re there! Vasai is your local Goa neighborhood!

2. Lonavala

Lonavala Fort

Lonavala- Mumbai residents have always had a soft spot in their hearts for this little ghats town. You should look at this treasure again. Today’s new normal has greatly reduced the town’s traffic turmoil from the past. Additionally, numerous vantage locations offer magnificent paintings by the gods during sunrise and sunset.

Then there is the Bhushi Dam, the Lonavala Lake, and the flea market in the area! Although numerous Bollywood films have been filmed here, the dam is best known for the timeless Bollywood ditty “Jo Haal Dil Ka,” which was filmed by Amir Khan and Raveena Tandon from the film “Sarfarosh.” Travelers, go now before all of Mumbai heads straight for Lonavala. While there, pick up some renowned Lonavala Chikki.

3. Sinhagad Fort

Sinhagad Fort

 Sinhagad Fort- The Sinhagad Fort ruins, formerly known as Kondana or Kondhana, is only 33 kilometers from Pune and are popular with both romantic couples and outdoor adventurers. All that is left of this old fort now are the walls, a little temple, and a few gates, yet the computer graphics in the Ajay Devgn-Saif Ali Khan blockbuster “Tanhaji” bring the fort’s splendor to life.

So why does it continue to draw people in? The fort offers climbers and hikers a quick 2.7 km ascent of over 2000 ft! And every bend in the climb provides a breathtaking view of the rolling terrain. There are numerous stunning views of the surrounding landscape, even from the top. Step outside and enjoy Sinhagad’s breathtaking natural beauty before summer arrives in full force!

4. Get Outdoors. Charter a sailboat!

Get Outdoors. Charter a sailboat!

Get Outdoors. Charter a sailboat- If you don’t find a boat ride exciting, raise your hand. I won’t see many hands, I’m sure of it. Some of you may have an excessive dread of getting seasick. But to them, I’ll suggest that they try renting a sailboat from the jetty at the Gateway of India, get into a comfortable yacht, use one hand to steer through the throng of sailboats, and use the other hand to hold a can of beer as they unwind. The sailboat ride around the Gateway is practically a stroll in the park unless you prefer the thrill of the wild and choose to venture out to open waters.

The sailboats are rented out by numerous companies. Rental fees for three hours typically start at Rs. 3,000 but can reach many lacs. Specifically, if you are a big group looking for luxury. This outdoor experience is enjoyable and nostalgic since it will bring back memories of many films that featured shots taken off the Gateway that showed the landmark, the old and new Taj buildings, and the Yacht Club to introduce Mumbai. Now is a fantastic time to ride in a boat if you haven’t done it already before the lines get long!

5. Get Outdoors to Alibag and around

Get Outdoors to Alibag and around

Get Outdoors to Alibag and around- Here is a choice that appeals to a sizable portion of the population. Alibag offers a deal for everyone, whether you’re a nature lover, adrenaline addict, history buff, hiker, member of the just-chill club, or a water baby. Take your pick from the popular Kashid Beach, the island fortress of Murud Janjira, the Mandwa jetty, Kihim Beach, Kolaba Sea Fortress on Alibag Beach, Revdanda and Korlai forts on the two banks of the Kundalini River, or any other of these attractions.

The traditional Konkani topography and greenery, which is peppered with lakes and ponds, warm the hearts of environmentalists. A lengthy, yet diverse coastline provides the ideal setting for water sports and activities. The region offers beachside shacks for a laid-back day, welcoming ghats for exploration, and, to top it all off, a rich legacy and history that spans the valor of the Marathas and the cunning and splendor of the Portuguese.

There are many different options, even for how to go to Alibag. Simply take a three-hour journey from Mumbai to Alibag? or take a RORO from your house and depart for Alibag? Take a hostel ferry for only Rs. 135. Choose between the comfort of an air-conditioned ferry and a speedboat ride to cross the water.

I rode the air-conditioned ferry there and then returned in a speedboat because I wanted to go for a little spin to capture some beautiful views of Alibag. I decided to only bring a Wildcraft backpack with my photographic equipment and some snacks. And I have to admit that it was the best decision for this trip. With Wildcraft backpacks and other outdoor gear, you can’t go wrong! Decide on your travel accessories and method of transportation, then head to Alibag. It is once more springing to life. Get moving before the quiet hum turns into a swarm!

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