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What are the Benefits of Using Gynoveda?


In 2019, Gynoveda, a startup specialising in medical technology, developed the world’s first MenoBot. This gynaecologist robot uses artificial intelligence to analyse menstrual cycles, making diagnoses and offering Ayurvedic therapy options.

On average, a woman will have two pregnancies and go through 400 menstrual cycles over her lifetime if she is healthy and does not suffer any complications. However, many women are led to believe that having painful periods, irregular cycles, and heavy flow are all natural consequences of being a female. Generally speaking, the recommendation that you should just bear it with a straight face is sound.

Over 600 million women throughout the world suffer in silence from menstrual disorders include polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), premenstrual syndrome (PMS), irregular periods (PMS), severe PMS, and abnormal white discharge. Gynoveda was established by Rachana and Vishal Gupta, a husband-and-wife Ayurveda evangelist team, with the goal of making Ayurveda the first choice in menstrual healthcare around the world.

Rachana and Gupta both decided to abandon successful corporate positions in favour of more fulfilling pursuits.

Menstrual Diseases: An Effective Treatment

Gynoveda’s founder and current CEO, Gupta, turned to Ayurveda after ten years of unsuccessful medical treatment for lifestyle-related illnesses. Ayurveda has its own specific remedies for polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), menstrual pain, irregular periods, and abnormal discharge, among additional 20 comparable ailments he researched while travelling.

“while modern science gives momentary alleviation, Ayurveda promises safe, long-lasting medicines that cure the root problem so that you can experience good periods for eternity,” Gupta told The Logical Indian.

The Very First Menobot

The health tech company that opened its doors in March 2019 is responsible for creating the first MenoBot. This gynaecologist robot is powered by artificial intelligence and can diagnose and cure menstruation problems using ayurvedic medicine.

This MenoBot use artificial intelligence to diagnose menstrual cycle irregularities and suggests ayurvedic treatments for these conditions.

A combination of the words “gyno,” meaning “woman,” and “Veda,” meaning “Ayurvedic knowledge,” forms the word “gynoveda.” In Gupta’s opinion, women encounter a wide range of problems, including polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), fibroids, endometriosis, vaginal discharge, and so on.

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Furthermore, “As a result, Ayurveda offers a tried-and-true formulation for each of these concerns, one that is helpful not only in treating the illness at hand, but also in avoiding its recurrence. And what Ayurveda suggests is a combination of potent medications that, when used together, might do wonders for both therapy and prevention.

He went on to say that women are generally told that is just part of being a woman nowadays, and that they should accept PCOS as inevitable. In contrast, polycystic ovary syndrome is not a disease but a problem of behaviour. The Ayurvedic approach to healing. Long-term success with HRT or other hormonal contraceptives (OCP) is unlikely. He’s convinced that Ayurveda can help PCOS sufferers find permanent relief from their symptoms.

Purely Ayurvedic Medications

Gynoveda PCOS Ayurvedic Pills are loaded with over 40 powerful herbs that work to establish regular, healthy periods without the side effects of OCP. These Ayurvedic herbs also aid in blood purification, hormonal balance, and regular ovulation, all of which contribute to an increase in fertility. The company claims its products are safe and effective since they are made with only ayurvedic herbs that have passed rigorous quality controls.

The FDA has given its stamp of approval following rigorous testing, and the company’s production plant has GMP accreditation, which means it meets all quality standards. As a result of our work, the lives of countless women have been enriched. The fact that we have repeat business from over half of our female customers suggests that the pharmaceuticals we sell work.

As we all know, Ayurveda does not give rapid effects; instead, it requires consistent use for at least six months to address the underlying conditions that the medical system handles, “

A statement by Gynoveda co-founder Rachana Gupta. Over a hundred women have reported back on their experiences with Gynoveda. These video reviews might be available online for everyone to view. In addition, she added.

Gynoveda has helped over 100,000 Indian women with menstruation and PCOS-related issues. As a result, Times Brand Icon 2021 recognised the startup as India’s Top Ayurvedic Healthcare Brand for Women. The ultimate objective is to provide information to as many women as possible regarding the causes and therapies of hormone imbalances so that as many women as feasible can experience regular, healthy periods.

Gynoveda FAQs

Gynoveda Tula Ayurvedic Pills may help regulate your menstrual cycle if it is late or irregular. Tula pills work to improve metabolic function, the fundamental cause of delayed periods. Your cycle may return to its regular monthly pattern with the aid of tablets like Gynoveda Tula, which work by improving digestion and bringing your metabolism back into balance.

Pregnant women with PCOS/PCOD have challenges because of hormonal imbalance. Gynoveda PCOS/PCOD Ayurvedic Pills, when taken as instructed, restore normal hormone levels and guarantee consistent ovulation. It is recommended that treatment for PCOS/PCOD be continued for three to six months, depending on the severity of the condition.

Reverses PCOS and facilitates the development of regular, healthy periods without the need of potentially harmful birth control, hormone drugs, or homoeopathic therapies. When hormones are balanced and ovulation occurs at the right moment, pregnancy is more likely to occur. Stopping hair loss is as simple as improving your diet and metabolism.

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