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10 Best Stylish Sunglasses for Men & Women

Sunglasses are an important part of any outfit. It not only protects you from the sun’s harsh rays, but it also gives your outfit a cool, edgy look. A pair of shades that go with what you’re wearing can make an iconic look. Not just in the car, but also on the beach, on the way to dinner, or just while shopping, you can rock a pair of stylish shades anywhere.

But did you know how many kinds of sunglasses there are? And that different ones will be best for different face shapes! If you didn’t, don’t worry. This is the best place to learn everything there is to know about all kinds of sunglasses.

1. Aviator

Aviator sunglasses are usually made of thin, tinted glass and are light.

In the 1930s, pilots made sunglasses so they could protect their eyes while in the air. So, the name Aviator, which is also known as “pilot glasses,” came to be.

The metal frame of the sunglasses makes them easy for almost anyone to wear. An oval face is the best shape for aviator sunglasses because it balances the round edges of the face and brings out your best features. Square faces are also popular among pilots.


2. Wayfarer

Ray-Ban made the first pair of Wayfarer sunglasses in the 1950s. The sunglasses look stylish on anyone who wears them because the frames are thick and strong. Most men and boys like to wear them. But they can make any round face look more interesting. Ray-Ban makes the most popular ones that you can buy. But you can also get them from many other brands on Amazon.

3. Butterfly Sunglasses

Not only do butterflies look great on flowers, but they also look great on your oval face. They can add a lot of personality to the way you look.

Butterfly sunglasses are great for a fun look, and they can pretty much steal the show anywhere. The most important thing about these glasses is that the inside edge is smaller and the outside edge, where the glasses meet the arms, is wider. Most of the time, they are big and have printed frames or bright colors that help them stand out.

Some butterfly glasses have a hole in the middle of the outer edges to make them look like the upper and lower wings of a butterfly. People have been wearing butterfly sunglasses since the early 1900s.

Butterfly Sunglasses
Cat Eye

4. Cat Eye

You can get a “cat eye” tattoo on your eyes or wear cat-eye sunglasses to look fierce and strong. What makes cat eye sunglasses what they are is that the tips on the top side are stretched out. They look great on oval or square-shaped faces, which are wider at the bottom.

You might have thought that cat-eye glasses were only for women, but you’d be wrong. There are a lot of different kinds of men’s cat-eye glasses that can make a great addition to your collection of accessories.

5. Flip-Up

You’ll look modern and clean with flip-up glasses. Flip-up sunglasses have only been around for a short time, but many men and women already have them in their closets. What their name says about them.

Only the top part of the lens is attached to the frame of flip-up sunglasses. You can take off and flip up the rest of the glass. Most of these have round or rectangular frames, but some have other shapes. The shape of the frame will determine which shape is best for your face.


6. Clubmaster

The brows on Clubmaster sunglasses are wider, and the rest of the frame that holds the lens is much thinner. This style of sunglasses looks good on oblong faces because the wider brows make the face look wider or more square, which helps to balance out the shape. In India, you can buy Clubmaster sunglasses at RayBan, Lenskart, Myntra, and other places.

7. Shield

Shield sunglasses have a single lens that goes from the left to the right side. They give you a unique style and a touch of glitz. You can save money on both the multicolored ones from Flying Machine and the black ones from Fastrack by using GrabOn coupons.

Round sunglasses

8. Round

Round sunglasses will look good on you if you have a square face or a strong jawline. The round frame balances out the sharp features of your face, making you look better. Most of these glasses have round frames that hold round lenses. There are different kinds of frames for them, such as metal, plastic, or even the Clubmaster style. The perfect beach look is a pair of round blue sunglasses.

9. Heart

If you’ve seen heart-eye emojis, now is the time to make your own. Not sure how? You need glasses in the shape of a heart. Putting on the right colour can make your face look better. You can get these in almost any colour you can think of.

The heart-shaped sunglasses look best on people with square or triangle faces, which are wider at the bottom. This is because the shape of the bottom part of the face would move in the opposite direction of the shape of the frame, making the face look more balanced. Also, people with diamond-shaped faces shouldn’t choose it.


10. Gradient

The main reason for this is the colour of the lenses. Why get married to one colour when you can get married to many? A perfect example of this is a pair of shades that go from light to dark. It makes you look and feel more cool. When the rest of the outfit or accessories are the same colour as the gradient shades, they really stand out. When they have a gradient glass, you could choose almost any frame shape and size.

With the Sunglasses, you can dress in a way that makes you look sassy and sure of yourself. When you go outside, they have become a lifesaver because they protect you from harmful chemicals, dirt, and UV rays. There are many good things about sunglasses. But if you want to shop online without any problems, you should know the following information. Have a glimpse:

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