Why do plants turn yellow, and what can be done about it?

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Why do plants turn yellow: Customers frequently complain to us about their plants turning yellow. This is pretty typical, and there may be a variety of causes. Before deciding on a remedy, you must determine why your plants are becoming yellow. Continue reading to learn more.

Why do plants turn yellow?

bottom leaves turning yellow
The following are the most typical causes of plants turning yellow:

1. Pest Problem: Neem oil can be used to treat insects that are eating your leaves if you see them. If you use pure neem oil, combine it with some soap beforehand. A natural insecticide like Clotol is another option.

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2. Overwatering: Among new gardeners, this is likely the most frequent issue. Water is necessary for your plants, but too much of a good thing can be harmful. Your foliage would appear yellowed and withered. This may also occur as a result of poor soil drainage.

why is my plant turning yellow and brown
Consider adding sand to your soil or switching to a raised bed to improve poor soil drainage. Pebbles can also be added to the soil (not on top of it). When making your potting combination, take into account the use of cocopeat to ensure that the soil does not easily harden and has adequate drainage qualities. Alternatively, you can purchase our pre-made potting mix, which prevents soil compaction over time.

3. Insufficient sunlight: Your leaves appear wilted and withered. Reposition your plants and ensure enough sunshine is available to fix this. You should be aware that various plant species require different amounts of sunlight; therefore, you should consider the number of hours of daily sunlight your plant would receive and make sure it is compatible with the needs of the particular species. Send us an email if you need assistance with a particular plant.

4. Potassium deficiency: Your plants’ tips and edges become yellow. If you see this, place some citrus fruit rinds, such as those from oranges or lemons, close to the plant’s base.

how to fix yellow leaves on plants
Additionally, think about adding vermicompost. Muriate of Potash is another option, as is the Protein Soil Enricher, which combines Neem Cake with Potassium Humate.

5. Iron deficiency: Leaves become yellow and develop tiny green veins. You must do this by lowering the phosphorus level in your soil.

Reduce the soil’s pH to less than 7 as well. Your soil’s PH can be lowered over time by applying organic manure or compost. You can also apply Aluminium Sulphate to lower the PH of the soil.

6. Nitrogen deficiency: Yellowing of the leaf tips and central veins. Use compost, organic manures, or fertilizers like those in Ghana Jeevanamrutha

outdoor plant leaves turning yellow
7. Zinc deficiency:
The leaves exhibit light yellowing in the spaces between broad veins. Utilizing Zinc Sulphate Heptahydrate as a micronutrient would be a simple solution. Your plants will seem as follows once all the problems have been resolved:- Do you know of any further causes for plant yellowing that we may have overlooked? Leave a remark in the box below.

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