Top 10 Kids Mehndi Designs

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Top 10 Kids Mehndi Designs: Undoubtedly, mehndi is an essential component of Indian celebrations. Women of all ages adore decorating their hands with lovely and elaborate mehndi designs, whether they are elderly, middle-aged, or even young. The mehndi application technique is not at all simple for children, though. Children are too messy and clingy! They lack the patience to endure the protracted mehndi application process. For this reason, it is essential to keep their mehndi designs as simple and elegant as you can. Try using more conventional mehndi motifs in your creations, such as flowers, dots, spirals, paisleys, and chakras. Not only are they simple to make, but they also look fantastic on those little hands.

If you have a talent for drawing and sketching, you could even draw your child’s favorite cartoon character on their hands. Simply trace the caricature on the back of their hand, emphasizing it with strong lines, patterns, and perhaps even some glitter. But there’s more! You can try so many other unique and various mehndi designs for your child, ranging from the fashionable and exquisite haathphool designs, and the intricate mandalas, to the perennially popular flower trails.

So, if you’ve been looking for some lovely mehndi patterns for children, your search is over. Here, we’ve compiled modern mehndi designs for kids that will captivate you with their alluring beauty. Whether you’re looking for full-covering designs or minimalist patterns, we have both available for you!

Top 10 Kids Mehndi Designs

Kids Mehndi Designs
1. A basic heart design

Children are attracted by hearts. So why not have their hands etched with this adorably girly mehndi pattern that features a large heart motif in the center and some grungy strokes around it?

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2. Florals with dangling chains

The ideal mehndi pattern for your children is unquestionably this simple yet lovely floral design. We’re confident you’ll adore it just as much as we do because it looks so adorable on their infant’s hands.

3. Simple & Elegant

An absolutely cute foot mehndi design for little girls, complete with those henna-dotted fingers and a tidy floral motif in the center.

4. It’s all about trails

Your child’s feet will be adorned with a lovely leafy trail design, curving designs, and flowers. We adore how this design is just the right amount of intricate and simple.

5. Dots, paisleys, and many other lovely patterns!

Another modern mehndi design for newborn girls is presented here. It features floral patterns, paisley patterns, neighboring swirls, pearlescent dots, and elaborate linework.

6. The Haathphool patterning

If you don’t want to adorn your children’s hands with cumbersome, heavy jewelry or bangles when they are attending a wedding, you may have a gorgeous haathphool mehndi pattern like this applied to their hands. The web-like fabric, dotted chain accents, and enormous blooms are just too alluring.

7. A basic flower-like pattern

A simple flower mehndi pattern embellished with dots and a few drops will work well on those tiny newborn hands. And that’s what this daring back mehndi design is! Additionally, since infants tend to fidget with their hands (as we all know), it is always preferable to choose simple mehndi designs over complicated ones.

8. A super adorable rhino

Consider having the favorite caricature of your children permanently inked on their hands. You can count on them to adore it. They won’t be able to say no, and they might even be more cautious about not spoiling it when it’s as adorable as this tiny rhino.

9. Flowers and Leaves: A winning combination!

Are you looking for lovely kids’ mehndi designs for a wedding party? Consider applying this eye-catching mehndi design, which features Arabic rose designs with leafy extensions and some swirling patterns. It may be the ideal option for both hands and feet.

10. A design with full covering

You should give this a try. We adore how this pattern combines large floral motifs, swirly designs, and checkers with dotted accents.

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