10 Best Made in India Smartphone Companies!

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Made in India Smartphone Companies: We understand the advantages of purchasing Indian goods as Indians. We frequently remained unaware of any Made in India Smartphone Companies, nevertheless, as a result of the market dominance of the majority of Chinese businesses. in comparison to other overseas firms.

Therefore, if you’re a swadeshi devotee and want to learn and investigate the greatest Make in India smartphone firms. The RedeemDiscounts site consistently assists customers in making the greatest Indian goods purchases, therefore this information will undoubtedly be helpful for you.

Made in India Smartphone Companies

10 Made in India Smartphone Companies
Here is a list of a few reliable Indian smartphone manufacturers.

#1. Micromax

Since its entry into the mobile industry in 2008, Micromax has grown to become one of the leading producers of smartphones in India. after seeing enormous success in the feature phone industry. In 2012, the business began producing and distributing Android, tablet computers, and LED televisions.

In 2014, Micromax established itself as one of the top 10 global mobile brands. The company, however, was unable to consistently outperform other international firms, given the state of the market. However, Micromax made a spectacular comeback at the end of 2020 by introducing smartphones in the IN series (IN for India).

Numerous mobile phones were sold during the debut in a single day. Therefore, Micromax is once again on the correct course, and it’s encouraging to see this Indian company expanding because it will ultimately benefit our country’s economy as a whole.

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#2. Intex

India’s top mobile manufacturer, Intex Technologies (India), also sells LED TVs, speaker IT goods, and IT accessories.

Mr. Narendra Bansal founded the business with the intention of improving people’s lives. The result of Intex’s 25 years in business is that they now have millions of customers nationwide.

Today, the business is renowned for its high-quality, enduring products. It has around 900 service centers spread all over the nation. Users can get Intex low-cost smartphones if they only need to perform simple chores and are not tech-savvy.

#3. Lava

LavaMade in India Smartphone Companies, Lava operates under the straightforward tenet “empower people to accomplish more, to be more,” with the goal of improving millions of people’s lives. Lava International’s founder, Hari Om Rai, established the business in 2009.

One of the big mobile companies in India, Lava has expanded its market outside of its own country to include Mexico, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Egypt, and many more nations.

Particularly well-known for their opulent looks are Lava Mobiles. In the cheap segment, their range of models has a shiny finish and luxurious appearance. The top smartphones from Lava can be found on Amazon in 2021.

#4. Karbonn

Karbonn first entered the mobile industry ten years ago! At that time, international corporations dominated the market. Karbonn initially attained those goals with which they founded this company, but it did so in a short period of time thanks to a sound strategy and proper activities.

Karbonn provides a variety of devices, including feature phones, smartphones, and smartwatches, with the goal of facilitating mobile communication.

According to Indian users’ needs, it has so far introduced a number of smartphones. It was one of the most popular smartphone brands up to 2015.

As 4G technology has evolved over time, a broad variety of 4G mobile devices are now available. It is still one of the well-known mobile brand names with a presence in Africa, South & South East Asia, and over 850 service centers in India.

#5. iball

Iball has been working to revolutionize the Indian market with cutting-edge technologies ever since its founding in 2001. and it belongs to the list of manufacturers of smartphones in India.

Iball, one of India’s fastest-growing electronics businesses, currently produces cell phones in addition to headphones, tablets, and laptops. These phones are available for purchase online through Amazon and Flipkart.

This Indian electronics manufacturer placed a strong emphasis on serving Indian consumers. They guarantee cost-effective, high-quality items. They guarantee that anyone can get inexpensive electronics thanks to their over 250 service centers spread over India.

Visit the website to learn more about the fantastic made-in-India product from the iball company.

#6. Xolo smartphones

Xolo smartphones
It is said that Xolo, an Indian smartphone brand introduced by Lava International in 2012, was the first Indian business to introduce a made-in-India 4G phone with an Intel chipset.

Xolo is adamant about giving its customers the best and most recent gadgets. When foreign manufacturers concentrated on their back cameras, Xolo introduced the first smartphone in India with two front-facing cameras.

However, this company dominated the domestic market despite being unable to compete with global firms. If we look back five to six years, millions of customers purchased this smartphone. Therefore, once more, we must support this company that backs the “made in India” program.

#7. LYF Mobiles

LYF MobilesSimply put, LYF stands for “life,” and it is an established manufacturer of 4G smartphones in India. Their corporate headquarters are in Mumbai. To divert attention from and subjugate the market of established telecom carriers in India, Mukesh Ambani introduced the Jio sim in 2016.

Reliance also unveiled their 4G smartphone, the life. It was a genuine 4G phone with free access to some premium Jio Sim services. Reliance attempted to reach urban and regional Indian audiences in the budget category. Reliance once sold millions of mobile phones in a single day.

Today, however, there are a lot more devices that support 4G. We can still choose this Indian brand, though. Online retailers offer a variety of lyf series modes.

#8. Spice

SpiceDo you recall the television ads for Spice Mobiles? If so, you may be aware of the ten years ago domination of spices in the Indian market.

Spice is a venerable mobile industry powerhouse operating in India since 2006. Numerous feature phones with smartphones have been released. Sadly, this Indian company did not improve itself and did not perform well in comparison to other businesses.

But they introduced a few cell phones into the market after learning about the needs of younger India. These can still be found online.

#9. Celkon mobiles

Celkon mobiles
a well-known manufacturer of mobiles, smartphones, and tablets in India? 2009 saw the establishment of it. Celkon had a strong start because of its practical feature phones. not only in India but also in nations like Sri Lanka, Nepal, etc., they expanded their business. Hyderabad is where the corporate headquarters are situated.

Even if this Indian company’s effort has currently come to an end, a large selection of Celkon mobile phones is nevertheless offered online. Sadly, the business was unable to rival other Chinese businesses.

#10. Yu Televentures

Yu Televentures
In December 2014, Micromax launched a subsidiary brand. Unfortunately, this smartphone brand was added to the list of failed manufactured in India smartphone brands in a matter of a few short years.

YU Televentures introduced a number of cellphones, including the Yu Yureka and Yu Unicorn, however, the business couldn’t compete due to the products’ subpar construction and shoddy after-sale care. However, the company also worked on other items like health bands, tiny ECG gadgets, etc. in addition to smartphones.


These are some of the best smartphone manufacturers in India. Many of them, as you may have noticed, is still vying to become developing brands. We hope that these Swadeshi enterprises make a stronger comeback by modernizing the technology and regaining knowledge of customer behavior. Tell us your thoughts in the comments below, and if you liked this article, please spread the word on social media.

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