Love birds? Follow these steps to make your garden inviting.

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How to attract birds to the balcony: By enjoying the simple things in life, you can make your home a place where people want to be. To get birds to come to your yard or garden, you must first make sure it is safe for them. You will love watching the birds fly and listening to their sweet songs.

If you want birds to come to your garden, you need to make sure they have what they need. The best way to do this is to make sure they have food, water, and a place to live. The most natural way to get birds to come to your yard is to plant things that give them food and a place to live.

how to attract birds to the balcony

select plants to grow

balcony bird feeder
Plant perennials with flowers, plants that attract insects, and trees and shrubs that produce seeds or small fruit. Trees, conifers, shrubs, dense hedges, and bushes give birds a place to hide, a place to perch and rest, and even a place to nest.

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supplies for birds

bird feeder and drinker
This is likely the quickest and easiest way to get birds to visit your garden or balcony. It’s important to choose the right food. Seeds include hard-fat seeds, nuts, wheat and barley seeds, crushed peanuts, almonds, black seeds, safflower seeds, canary seeds, white millet, corn, etc. Feeders that look like birds can hold food for the birds.

they also drink water

bird feeder for cage
It’s not just about food; in colder places, water is also important. While putting water in a simple bird bath is a simple way to attract birds. In the summer, there is the most need for water. They will come to your garden because it has water.

make them feel comfortable.

bird feeder stand with base
It’s also nicer if they build their own nests. Give them the chance to do this by giving them a thick hedge to hide behind. Even if the natural environment you create is a haven for birds and you add commercial or artistic items to make bird houses.

bird food feeder stand
Birds are important to the ecosystem of a garden because they eat pests like snails and aphids. They will help spread pollen, which will help your garden indirectly. Your new neighbors will be very thankful and sing happy songs to show it.

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