10 Types of High-Heels Every Woman Should Own

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Different Types of Heels: You may have heard the saying by Lola Stark, “Keep your head, heels, and standards high.” This famous quote shows how important it is for women to keep their confidence at all times. And high heels have given women a spring in their step and the feeling that they could rule the world for centuries.

If you wear high heels all the time, you may have heard of stilettos, wedges, pumps, and block heels. These are the most common types. But those aren’t the only types of heels you can wear to make your legs look their best. So, to help you move forward, we’ve put together a list of popular heel names that you can add to your collection of heels to make them better.

10 Types of Heels That Women Love

Every season, a new heel style comes along and takes the spotlight. So, keep scrolling if you want to learn more about the classic heel types in terms of design and style.

1. Stilettos & Scarpin Heels

Stilettos & Scarpin Heels
Most of you probably don’t know this, but stilettos have been in style for a long time. They were first found in Ancient Egypt. Stiletto heels are high heels that get their name from the stiletto dagger. They can be found on boots or pumps. Stilettos are for people who can walk in the thinnest heels. After doing some honest research, it was found that most millennial girls love stilettos because they make them feel like they walk more attractively.

Scarpin heels are a sleeker type of shoe that is similar to stilettos but not as high. If you know how to walk well in the thinnest heels, these are for you. So, choose any of these pairs to shine like a diva.

What We Like:

  • Your posture is changed in the best way possible.
  • Stiletto heels make your calf muscles stand out.

Style tip: With an eye-catching stiletto or a scarp in heels, you can rock a dress for a party or a pair of jeans. And there are a lot of online stores like Myntra where you can find different collections of heels. With Myntra’s coupon codes, you can save a lot of money on a wide range of stilettos from well-known brands.

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2. Wedges & Flip-Flop Heels

Wedges & Flip-Flop Heels
When you look for shoes with comfortable heels, wedges will be at the top of the list. Most wedges are narrower at the toe and wider at the heel. This pair is great for people who think it’s hard to walk in stilettos. Wedge shoes are not only comfortable, but they also look great. So, if you want to look good for a casual brunch date, wedges might be the best option.

And flip-flops look almost the same as wedges. The only difference is that the heels of flip-flops are much lighter and don’t put as much pressure on the feet.

What We Like:

  • The cushioning is better than that of stilettos.
  • Made with soles of rubber or wood, which make them impossible to slip.

Style Tip: You can wear wedges with everyday clothes. You can wear these high heels with shorts, jumpsuits, or any kind of saree. In the same way, you could wear flip-flop heels to college every day.

3. Ankle Strap Heels

Ankle Strap Heels
The highlighting feature of an ankle-strap heel is its adjustable strap that wraps around the ankle. You can get these kinds of heels with either a medium or a high heel. Heels with ankle straps are easy to wear because they can be closed with a buckle or a clasp.

Even though these heels can be worn in different ways, the strap between your leg and foot can make your legs look shorter. Because of this, ankle-strap heels are best for women who are tall.

What We Like:

  • Straps around the ankles hold the feet in place so they don’t move around too much.
  • Heels that are very stylish and can be worn anywhere.

Style tip: If you want to make a statement, wear ankle-strap heels with any short or medium-length outfit that shows off your legs.

4. T-Strap Heels

T-Strap Heels
T-strap heels are made in a way that covers the heel and toes, as the name suggests, but lets you show off your foot by showing a good amount of skin. It heels have a pointy toe and a strap that goes from the middle of the toe toward the ankle. Most of these heel styles are one to two inches high so you can walk for hours without getting tired.

What We Like:

  • It makes you feel safe and can instantly change the way you walk.
  • There are many cute and trendy designs to choose from.

Style Tip: T-strap heels are a great way to dress up a pair of jeans and a crop top or a skirt or dress that is mid-length.

5. Pole Dancing Heels

Pole Dancing Heels
Have you just begun your pole dancing sessions? Then, girl, you should know how important it is to wear heels when pole dancing. And for those who haven’t heard of these kinds of heels, here’s a quick summary: a pole dancer’s heel is more like a tool.

These heels have platforms that help you keep a firm grip on the ground. So, if you want your performance to look sexy, you need to buy pole dancing heels that are high and shimmer.

What We Like:

  • Getting to the next level of sensuality.
  • Provides a good grip that makes it easy to move the legs.

Style tip: Put on a pair of pole-dancing heels with your favorite outfit for a unique touch.

6. Pumps Heels

Pumps Heels
Want to add some classic pieces to your closet? If so, pumps will do very well. These are more comfortable than stilettos because their heels are usually between 1 and 2 inches high. And pumps usually come in tan colours.

Pumps can be worn with skirts, pantsuits, and dresses—anything you want to look your best in. Pump-style heels should be at the top of your list if you want your outfits to look powerful and glamorous at the same time.

What We Like:

  • Pumps are easy to walk in because they have low heels.
  • Pumps will help you keep your agility even with those extra inches.

Style tip: Pumps are a great way to add a touch of luxury to your everyday office outfit and look great all day long.

7. Platform and Flatform Heels

Platform and Flatform Heels
It’s true that nothing can beat the style of pencil heels, but platform heels will always be more comfortable. Their thick base, or the extra cushion it gives to the ball of your foot, is what makes them stand out. This also makes them easy to carry.

Then there are Flatform heels, which are the same as Platform heels but don’t have that slope. Since these heels have a more even height, you can even wear them on a plane.

What We Like:

  • Unlike other heels, they tend to keep your feet at a more comfortable angle.
  • Gives the shoe structure just the right amount of strength to walk firmly.

Style tip: Platform heels can be worn with any outfit, but if you want to get specific, they look great with a simple outfit or a floral dress.

8. Block Heels

Block Heels
Block heels are popular among women because they can be worn in many different ways and come in many different styles. No matter how thin or fat you are, these heels are always a good choice for both comfort and style. So, if you want to buy trendy block heels at a good price, use the Amazon discount codes and have a happy shopping experience.

Block heels are better for your ankles than traditional high heels because they give your ankles more support. This makes them great for people whose feet hurt or feel uncomfortable when they wear high heels all the time.

What We Like:

  • Because the heel is bigger, it puts less stress on the feet.
  • Keeps your balance just right so you can walk anywhere without pain.

Style tip: You can pair that casual jeans-and-a-top look with a solid-colored block heel that will look great with the rest of your outfit.

9. Flare Heels

Flare Heels
Flare heels are like platform heels in that they are thick and have a stable bottom. The heels of this pair are different because they are narrow at the top and wide at the bottom. These practical heels are great enough to keep your feet happy and give you the confidence you need with a touch of style.

Flare heels can also be worn with any type of dress without fear of slipping or becoming unsteady because they have a stable bottom.

What We Like:

  • Clearly shows the shape of the calf muscles.
  • The shape is great for extra support because it is curved.

Style tip: Flare heels paired with a corset dress or a mini dress will be the highlight of your bachelorette party.

10. Lace-up Heels

Lace-up Heels
When your outfit is the focus, you need a pair of Lace-up heels that say everything without making a sound. This is one of the classics that were made with ballerina shoes in mind.

Aside from giving you the best fit, the laces will also make your legs look fuller. And the best part is that there are a lot of choices, whether you want a block heel or a stiletto heel with laces.

What We Like:

  • The length of the lace is easy to change to fit the dress.
  • They can make any outfit look better and make you look more sure of yourself.

Style tip: Lace-up heels are a great way to finish off a chic look with a long skirt or blazer dress.

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