5 Best Watermarking Software 2023

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Best Watermarking Software: The internet is an amazing invention that has given everyone in the world access to all of the digital knowledge that people have ever made. It brings us together from all over the world, makes us laugh, and helps us grow in every way.

One bad thing about this freedom of information, though, is that many artists have found that their work has been used without their permission or even a simple credit. People even steal the work of others and pass it off as their own.

The best way to stop this from happening is to make sure that all of your pictures have watermarks before you upload them to the digital Wild West. You can do this with your favourite image editing programme, but it’s usually a slow and time-consuming process, so most of us forget or don’t bother.

A lot of software developers have responded to the challenge by making programmes that watermark your pictures so that you get credit for them.

The best programme I looked at for adding watermarks was iWatermark Pro by Plum Amazing. It lets you add watermarks to a large number of images at once, and it doesn’t take all day to finish even a large batch. It can watermark text and images, but you can also add QR codes and steganographic watermarks that hide your copyright information in plain sight. The interface could definitely use some work, but the powerful features that can’t be found in any other watermarking programme make up for it.

Other Good Software for Watermarking

When I write reviews of programmes that didn’t win, I usually divide them into free and paid categories. In the world of watermarking software, so many of the paid options have a limited free version that I’ve decided it would be easiest to list a wide range of options without separating them.

In general, the cost of a business-use license is around $30, but this can vary depending on how many computers you can install it on at once and how you want to customize it. The free options are pretty basic and usually, only let you use a text-based watermark or force you to add an extra watermark that says it’s an unregistered version of the software.

A note about security: Windows Defender and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware checked all of the software in this review and found that it was safe. However, you should always keep your own virus and malware scanner up-to-date. Developers often release new versions of their software that include other programmes in an effort to make more money, and we can’t stop this from happening.

5 Best Watermarking Software

1. uMark

$29, PC or Mac (if you buy both, you can get the second OS for $19 less).


uMark is a good watermarking programme, but it has a few things that are annoying. You have to register with an email address to install the programme, and for the next week, I got a new email from them every day. That may be a good way to market to some potential customers, but I found it annoying and useless, especially when they said they only sent “Welcome” emails and tutorial information.

The programme is easy to use, but because of that, it doesn’t have as many features as it could. You can edit standard image formats like JPG, PNG, TIFF, and BMP, and you can save your images as PDFs, though I’m not sure why you’d want to since the other formats are standard for every operating system.

2. Arclab Watermark Studio

PC Only: $29 for one seat, $75 for three

Arclab Watermark Studio
Arclab Watermark Studio is a good watermarking programme for beginners, but it doesn’t have all of the features that more advanced programmes do. It has a well-designed interface that makes it easy to add watermarks. In fact, I found it to be the easiest programme to use out of all the ones I looked at.

You can edit all of the most common image formats, like JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, and TIFF. Adding whole folders of images at once makes it easy to work with large groups of images. Unfortunately, it has the same problem with batch watermarking that I found in uMark: if your images don’t all have the same resolution, the padding, which is set in pixels, will make it look like the watermark isn’t always in the same place.

You can’t put on as many watermarks in Arclab as you might like, but for most purposes, a few text and image layers along with metadata are all you really need. If you want to make something that looks more complicated, it’s probably best to start with a real image editing programme.

3. The TSR Watermark Image

PC only, $29.95 for Pro, and $59.95 for Pro + share

TSR Watermark Image
Developers don’t seem to put much thought into the names of their programmes, but TSR Watermark Image is still a great programme for watermarking. It came in a close second for the “Best Watermarking Software” award, but it lost to iWatermark Pro because it only works on PC and has a slightly smaller set of features.

You can process as many images as you want at once, and you can work with all of the most common image file types, like JPG, PNG, GIF, and BMP.

4. The Mass WaterMark

PC/Mac, $30

Mass WaterMark
Mass Watermark is another good choice for a basic watermarking programme. It works on both Windows and macOS. It’s one of the few programmes I’ve looked at that has a tutorial or instructions for getting started. However, some other problems with the interface in the very important Watermark Designer section make up for this (see below). Even though it’s not a bug that breaks the programme, it’s still a little disappointing.

5. Star Watermark Pro

PC/Mac, $17 Pro, $24.50 Ultimate

Star Watermark Pro
Star Watermark Pro is another programme that seems to want to sacrifice user interface. For example, it hides the section where you set up the watermark. This goes against the goal of making things easier, but it might be helpful once you get your watermark templates set up. The real question is where you set up your watermark.

The actual setting up of the watermark is done in the small gear icon in the bottom left corner, even though there is nothing to show this at first. Once you are in the configuration of the template, you can only add simple text and image watermarks. The offset system is based on your initial “Location” setting. This means that the offset numbers for a watermark set to “bottom left” work differently than those for “bottom right,” and if you try to type in a negative number, it tells you that you can only enter numbers.


Thanks to the internet’s ability to share, the world is a great place for photographers and people who make images of all kinds. But not everyone is as honest as we’d like, so it’s important to put a watermark on your photos so that you get credit for them. There is nothing worse than having an image go viral and then finding out that you aren’t getting credit for it.

With any luck, these reviews have helped you choose the best watermarking software for your needs. So get your work out there and show the world your pictures!

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