Best Time To Visit Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary Bikaner

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Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary Bikaner: Bikaner is a city with a rich history and a storied cultural legacy that is recognized around the globe. But few know that in addition to its rich history, this ancient city is home to some of the world’s most incredible plant and animal life. Many visitors don’t realize that the Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary in Bikaner is home to a variety of endangered animals. Consequently, this desert wildlife refuge has a lot to offer visitors interested in the local fauna and vegetation. So, it’s no surprise that Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary is becoming increasingly well-liked among tourists thanks to the incredible opportunities it provides.

Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary Bikaner

Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary Bikaner
Tips for Tourists

  • Put on your most dependable footwear, because you’ll be doing a lot of walking here.
  • No concession stands selling drinks or food are present. Bring in some snacks and water bottles because you won’t find anything around.
  • To bring cameras inside, you must purchase a “camera ticket.”
  • If you are planning on going on a safari and you happen to be hurt, you should bring a first aid kit with you because there will not be a medical facility very far into the forest.

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Things to Do

  • Take a guided expedition through the wilderness with your loved ones.
  • View the desert animals as they exist in their natural environment.
  • Take as many pictures as you like of the amazing desert wildlife and scenery.

Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary
Guidelines Now Available

The Sanctuary offers the services of guides for a little cost, with rates varying depending on whether you are an Indian resident or a visitor from outside the country.

Best Time to Visit

Winters that are during the months of November to March are the finest time to visit this place and enjoy an interesting experience. It is not advisable to come here in the summertime because of the high temperatures.

How to Reach the Place?

Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary may be found 32 kilometers from the center of town. Get here via taxi or private auto from anywhere in the city. This animal reserve can also be reached by an adventurous camel ride scheduled in advance by consulting a travel agency.

Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary: Some Interesting Facts and Trivia

  • This oasis in the middle of the desert is a rare and important refuge for a wide variety of desert-adapted species.
  • The desert forest is home to a wide variety of animal species, including a variety of birds, antelopes, deer, nilgais, chinkaras, black bucks, desert foxes, and wild boars.
  • There is a natural lake that acts like an oasis in the midst of that woodland. Thus, this is the spot where the animals assemble to satisfy their thirst and gain refuge from the blistering heat of the desert.

Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary Best Time To Visit

Nearby Attractions

Junagarh Fort, Lallgarh Palace, Sardul Singh Statue, Soor Sagar, Prachina Museum, and Ganga Singh Statue

Nearby Restaurants

Laxmi Niwas Palace, Heeralal Sweet Shop, Rendezvous, Chhappan Bhog, Chhotu Motu Joshi Sweet Shop. Parshvanath Ice-Cream Parlour, King’s Pavilion Restaurant, Grill Inn, Evergreen, And Garden Cafe and Restaurant.

Conclusion: Most cultures like taking trips to the forest for its lush greenery. People are so awed by the verdant trees that they don’t even consider the possibility that animals might also live in the desert. Visitors to this desert forest can get a glimpse of the challenges faced by desert-dwelling animals in their native environment. And learn about the strategies they’ve developed to survive in an environment with so little food and water. Therefore, a visit to the unique Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary in Bikaner is both informative and rewarding.

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