10 Best Leggings Brands In India 2023

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Best Leggings Brands In India: Every season, women get a new trendy combo that is easy to carry and makes them look better. As the world changes, women’s matching accessories for suits and kurtis are becoming a thing of the past. Leggings, on the other hand, are the new comfortable way for women to get dressed.

In the always-changing fashion industry, a few new ideas have taken over the market and clothing stores. People have given up their old styles in favour of these new ones. One of the latest trends for women is to wear leggings. They fit like a second skin and cover your legs. In India, women and girls wear leggings as part of their Stormed Wardrobe.

Leggings are a great example of how comfort and style can go together. If you want to look good without giving up comfort, these are a great option. They are stretchy, colourful, soft, and comfortable, and they come in different colours to match different outfits.

Leggings are also much cheaper than other bottoms, which is why many women around the world prefer to wear them. Leggings can be worn with a long shirt, a Kurti, or a plain t-shirt, and they really do make life easier. They can be worn with a crop top and a tunic.

10 Best Leggings Brands In India


Biba is one of the most well-known brands of women’s clothes because it makes great clothes. The company was started by Meena Bindra in 1988, and its headquarters are in New Delhi, India. Biba is a popular choice for all women in the country because it has a lot of cute and unusual clothes. You can also get fashionable leggings, palazzos, skirts, and other Indo-Western clothes from them.

There are more than 150 stores for the brand all over the country, making it easy for anyone to buy clothes from the company. This apparel India has a large selection of designer costumes and clothes for women, such as salwar kameez, sarees, lehengas, Kurtis, and leggings.

Because all women can choose from a wide range of colours, styles, and sizes, these brands are also known as the Top Brands for Leggings in India. Their leggings are made of a very soft cotton material that keeps you comfortable all day long. They also come in different colours so you can mix and match them with different tops.

Because they have an elastic waistband, you won’t have to worry about how well they fit or how comfortable they are. People say that Biba started the trend of ready-to-wear ethnic clothes for women. Since its start, the brand has grown steadily, creating a line of ethnic clothing for little girls that are sold only in its own boutiques.

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2. Lyra

This brand is one of the best-known women’s clothing brands in India. It was started in 2012. The company, which makes loungewear like leggings, pants, t-shirts, pyjamas, and Indo-western bottoms, is now called Lyra. It has a lot of customers in India, where it has a 38 percent market share at the moment.

The Lyra Women Leggings are very comfortable because they are made of a mix of cotton and spandex. The slim fit of these pants looks good on your legs, and they go well with long shirts and Kurtis. These are ankle-length, so they can be worn with both Indian and Western clothes. They also have a great line of clothes for children.

All of the legends have been made, and they are available in cotton and other materials. Lux is different from other Indian clothing brands because it has a wide range of innerwear and underwear for both men and women.

In the winter, women want ways to stay warm and show off their individual styles.

3. Global Desi

Global Desi
The Indian clothing brand Global Desi is well-known and stylish. Anita Dongre, who is a well-known fashion designer and owns a number of other labels, started it. The company has 210 locations in India, and in 2013 it started doing business in Mauritius. The company’s main office is in Mumbai, where it continues to do business around the world.

There are many different styles and colours of Global Desi leggings, so you can match them to your outfits. The material is a mix of cotton and spandex, which makes it stretchy and comfortable enough to wear all day. When washed, the solid colours don’t fade or change the way other clothes look. You can wash them in your washing machine with your other clothes.

From tops to dresses to Kurtis to bottom wear, you can choose clothes that you can wear every day or that show off your style at a certain time. Global Desi is one of the most popular leggings brands because it has so many bottoms, Kurti dresses and tops to choose from.

There are palazzo pants, cropped pants, leggings, dhoti pants, shorts, and wide-leg pants in the collection. The leggings are stylish and make you look thinner. They come in solid colours and patterns and are made of materials like viscose, knit lycra, and polyester, among others. They are very comfortable and will keep you dry all day.

4. W for Women

W for Women
In India, W for Women is a well-known clothing brand that makes high-quality clothes. It started as a store in Lajpat Nagar, Delhi, and was one of the first brands in India to have a website that was open 24 hours a day. It has a lot of stores in India and is known all over the world.

All Kurtis are made by hand, and they can be worn with leggings, shirts, and other clothes. W For Woman is the most well-known modern women’s clothing brand in India. It is also a one-stop shop in the retail clothing store chain. In India, you can also buy Kurtas, dresses, underwear, tops, and leggings.

Leggings from this brand come in a wide range of colours, patterns, and prints, some of which are bright and bold. They are made of a mix of cotton and lycra and are comfortable to wear on hot days in late spring. This makes them a strong contender for one of the best leggings brands in India.

They look good with straight-fitting Kurtis, different tops, shoes, and heels. Leggings from this brand come in solid colours as well as bold prints. Because they are made of cotton and lycra, they feel good to wear on hot summer days.

5. Soundarya

Soundarya is an Indian fashion brand that wants to make Indian dresses more comfortable and available to all women. It is thought to be one of the best leggings brands for women in India because of how well they are made and how long they last. The ultra-combed and stretchy cotton used to make the Soundarya leggings have been bio-washed, which makes them very soft and comfortable.

Soundarya redefines what it means to be Indian by staying true to customs but changing some of the more advanced effects. Soundarya’s main goal is to make brands more accessible by making them visible at different points of interest through partnerships with many deal channels.

They want to be the most popular brand of Indian clothes and show off women’s natural beauty. They make clothes for the classic Indian woman who wants to spend a lot of money on a good-fitting, high-quality item that will last for a long time.

The way people work at Soundarya is based on the values of inclusion, collaboration, elite, and opportunity. These churidar leggings are stylish, soft, and comfortable. They range from 28 to 36 inches around the waist. 96% of it is cotton, and 4% is Lycra.

6. Go Colors

Go Colors
Go Colours is a great place to start if you want to buy ethnic Indian bottoms. The designs are trendy and slim fit, so they go with a lot of different outfits. They are made of soft, breathable cotton that feels good to the touch. The waist of the leggings is about in the middle, so they cover your back well and give you a nice shape.

This brand has a lot of different sizes. The brand is well-known on the Internet and brings in a lot of traffickers. Bottoms, jeggings, and denim are also available. There are many different kinds of leggings, such as crop leggings, shimmer leggings, and churidar leggings.

All of them are beautiful, very comfortable, come in different colours, and have belts that stretch. With its extra sparkle, the shiny design works well at night. The stitched cotton stretch used to make the edited style makes it soft and warm against the skin. It is made by one of the best leggings companies in India.

7. Globus

The company has a good name in the market because it always makes high-quality products. Its main office is now in Mumbai, India, and it works well all over the country. They have a slim fit that will make your body look stronger and more sure of itself.

Since they are cropped, you can wear them with your favourite tops to make a whole new look. The clothing store has a wide range of fashionable clothes for women in the latest styles and designs. The brand wants to make people more aware of fashion and is inspired by the bright colours and chaos of India.

Also, the prices for this brand are so low that anyone can buy it! Young Indian men and women think of Globus when they think of style. Since it started in 1999, Globus has always made clothes and accessories that fit well.

The first one is made of viscose and spandex, has a shiny insert, and has a belt that stretches. Both are good for casual outings and will make you look stylish. Young Indian men and women connect the brand Globus with fashion.

8. Softline

Indian women can’t live without the high-quality Softline leggings from Rupa. Softline leggings let them be creative, try new things, and be comfortable. They come in a wide range of colours to match their moods. Indian women always have a pair of Rupa’s Softline leggings in their closets.

Here, you can buy the best brand of leggings in India. Since we were kids, this brand has been known for its underwear. Now, it will be known as a clothes company. It will make the softest and longest-lasting leggings for you to wear with your Kurtis or Kurtas.

9. Prisma

There is a large collection of designer clothes at Legends. Even the bottoms are up to you. They can help you stand out by giving you the best leggings. With a focus on both style and quality, the company shows how modern fit and style should be. The brand has full-length, ankle-length, and capri-length pants.

10. Forever 21

Forever 21
In the last 30 years, this company has done an amazing amount of work. Even though Forever 21 is growing quickly, it is still owned by the same family. This brand has every kind of legging you could want. Plaid leggings made of rayon, spandex, and polyester stand out from the rest.

You’ll get a high rise and an elastic banded waist in solid colours and patterns. Night leggings that stretch are easy to find. People who want to look athletic can do a number of things. One of them is a pair of stretchy night leggings with a color-block design and a striped hem with insets.

There are also sheen nylon stretch-knit leggings made by washing the fabric to make it comfortable and not make you sweat. If you want more shine, a metal knit made of nylon, polyester, metallic yarn, and spandex is a great choice.

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