5 Best Led Tube Lights In India 2023

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Best Led Tube Lights: LED tube lights are something that no home can do without. In fact, we can’t imagine what life would be like without LED tube lights. So, we always try to find the best LED tube lights for our kitchens, hallways, and living rooms. The best LED lights are ones that use less energy, shine brighter, and last longer. As we can see, there are a lot of companies that make LED tube lights and all of them say they make the best product. This makes it hard to make a list of the best ones.

To end the debate once and for all, we’ve put together a list of the best LED tube lights for the home. There are a lot of these lights in Indian homes now. This is because they have great features, and updated looks, and can last longer. There are different kinds of LED tube lights for the home, kitchen, and other places. In fact, there are tube lights whose lights are used to make the inside of a room look better.

Even though different parts of the house need different kinds of lights based on how they are used, it is important to choose the right brand. Yes, we won’t talk about what kind of LED lights are best today. Instead, we’ll talk about the top brands that have won over the hearts of every Indian.

Most of the brands in these names will be well-known to you, while others may be less well-known. This is because they have gained popularity more quickly. So, let’s get started with our review of India’s best LED tube lights.

1. Wipro Polycarbonate 22-Watt Led Batten Light (Warm White)

Wipro Polycarbonate 22-Watt Led Batten Light (Warm White)Amazon Buy Now Button

In India, Wipro is a well-known brand name. We know about its laptops and other products. But people also know it for its amazing LED lights. It has the best LED lights for kitchens or homes of any age. Even if your house is built in a different style, this LED light will still serve your needs. Also, when people are talking about promoting Indian brands, it’s much more comforting to have simple LED lights from this Indian brand.

These LED lights from Wipro are made of polycarbonate and come with a 2-year warranty. It has a tri-color LED batten that can change colors based on the mood of the room. It has a high-performance diffuser that doesn’t turn yellow and helps get light without spots.

This light has been tested by LM80, so you know it will last. The best thing about it is that it doesn’t mind when the voltage changes.

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2. Syska T5 18-Watt LED Tubelight (Pack of 2, Cool White)

Syska T5 18-Watt LED Tubelight (Pack of 2, Cool White)Amazon Buy Now Button

Syska is a well-known name among the companies in India that make LED tub lights. The brand has become popular because of its amazing features and soothing effects on the eyes. This brand’s lights work well in homes, kitchens, offices, and other places. Also, if you want lights that are good for the environment and save energy, this brand can be a great choice.

The 18W energy use of the T5 design of the Syska Led Tube Light has made it a very popular choice. It also has a 100LM/W wattage and a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer, among other things. The extruded aluminum body of this LED tube light will give your room a classy look if you buy it. So, it is vulnerable to UV rays. It comes in a standard length of 4 feet, so it can be put up anywhere in the house.

3. Philips Astra Line Plus 24-Watt LED Batten (Pack of 2, Cool Day Light)

Philips Astra Line Plus 24-Watt LED Batten (Pack of 2, Cool Day Light)

Amazon Buy Now ButtonPeople in India think that Phillips is the oldest and most reliable brand. It always comes with gadgets and other appliances with good features and prices that are easy on the wallet. We all know how to use things like fans, TVs, tape recorders, cell phones or smartphones, etc. Indians have also been very interested in LED tube lights.

One of the best Philips LED tube lights in India is the Astra Line Plus. It meets IES 60598 safety standards and BIS safety standards. Because of this, you can depend on tube lights for a long time. The amazing natural beam lights are easy on the eyes and give the users comfort. The best part is that you don’t have to do any maintenance. In short, it has everything you need to replace the tube lights you already have. It is pretty cheap for everyone. It comes in 4 different styles for 20 or 40 Watt Tube Light Equivalent LED.

4. Murphy LED Tube Light 4 Feet 20W Cool White Pack of 3

Murphy LED Tube Light 4 Feet 20W Cool White Pack of 3Amazon Buy Now ButtonMurphy has recently become more well-known. It has become so popular in such a short amount of time because it has such classic features and gives customers so many great benefits. Indians always look for good products at prices they can afford. This brand comes out with its products to meet this need of the people.

The Murphy LED tube lights will be 4 feet long, which means they can be put up anywhere and on any property. Led Tube Light for the Study Room is also available. It has a 6500 Kelvin color temperature. Because it comes in a set of four, it meets all of the needs of people today. It can work with a wide range of voltages, so it can perfectly light up the whole interior. A one-year warranty will be given to consumers to make sure that it can be easily fixed at any time during that year. It is a tube light with no glare.

5. Eveready 20-Watt LED Batten (Pack of 2, Cool Day Light)

Eveready 20-Watt LED Batten (Pack of 2, Cool Day Light)Amazon Buy Now ButtonEveready is a well-known brand that started out making batteries that we use for many things. From good pencil batteries to good inverter batteries, the brand has shown the people of India how good they can be. It has also started selling LED tube lights to make people’s lives easier and help them do their jobs better. As usual, the brand won over Indians with its long-lasting benefits, which also apply to LEDs.

This Eveready LED tube light has 2 LED battens. If you’re trying to figure out Which Tube Light Is Best For your Eyes, this brand is a good choice. It uses 20 Watts of energy, which makes it 50% more energy efficient. It comes in a two-pack.

This has an elegant design in the shape of a t5, which makes it a good fit for any office or home. This product will also come with a warranty that lasts for a year.


As there are many companies that make Led Tube Light For Home or any other place, it can be hard for people to choose the right one. There are also products that easily melt before their time is up. In this situation, it’s important to get the best product and make sure the money is well spent. All of these brands have special features that help the people who use them. From now on, any of these brands will be good enough to meet all of the requirements.

LED lights are not only used to light up the inside but also to make the designs look better. This is because the interiors will be happier the brighter the lights are and vice versa. It’s important to find the right one by looking at all the important features. Don’t take your choice of LED tube lights for granted, and use the right brand’s product to make your space look brighter.

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