Best Gifts for Writers in 2024

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Best Gifts for Writers: What do you get a writer as a gift? What about a pen and paper? A book of words? Socks and undies? A whatchamacallit? Maybe. It can be hard to find something unique and thoughtful. You might have some homework, but if you do, we have a lot of ideas for you.

One option is to help them with their writing by giving them tools like computer software, accessories, reference books about writing, or even an online writing course. Make sure your gift is something they will like and use, and not something they already have.

You could maybe buy them a book. It could be something they like to read or something that helps them get better at writing. Think about getting them a good satchel to carry their books and writing tools. Or you could give a fun gift, like a mug with a quote from a book on it, a hoodie with a funny quote (or the whole book! ), a word-related board game, or a beautiful desk organizer.

If you don’t have many ideas, we have a lot more than you need! You know your friend, how much money you have, and how you feel about them. We’ve listed a lot of ideas below, so I’m sure you’ll find the perfect present. Last tip: Writers like words, so make sure you write something meaningful on the card.

Best Gifts for Writers in 2024

Best Gifts for Writers 2023
Idea 1: Computer Accessories for Writers

A Quality Keyboard

Even though pens are a popular gift for writers (like me), most writers spend their days at a computer keyboard. The right keyboard can make all the difference, but they cost more than pens. The typing stops, and the words just appear on the screen. Our review of the Best Keyboard for Writers has more information.

Your friend might have already found the perfect keyboard. Maybe they want a better keyboard in their dreams. They might just like trying to type on different keyboards. They might like a certain kind. Whether they use a Mac or a PC can help you decide what to do.

Since writers spend so much time typing, it would be good for them to have a keyboard that doesn’t cause pain or discomfort over time. This is where keyboards designed for the comfort come in. They are made to fit your hands instead of making you bend them. A good ergonomic keyboard has helped a lot of writers with pain in their wrists.

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Idea 2: Computer Software for Writers

A Setapp Subscription

It can be hard for a writer to choose the right app. This is why Setapp is a great gift. With a cheap subscription, you can give access to more than 170 Mac apps. This is not a good gift for Windows users, though.

There’s a lot of worth in that. The person who got the subscription as a gift could use it to try out apps they don’t already have, or they might like Setapp so much that they keep the subscription for a long time. There are gift cards that last for 1, 3, or 12 months.

Idea 3: Pen and Paper

A Nice Pen

Even though a nice pen is a very common gift for a writer, I love them and am grateful for everyone I’ve ever gotten. I have quite a collection!

Here are some good pens that any writer in your life will love.

  • Cross Classic Century Ballpoint Pen in Shiny Chrome
  • The Zebra F-301 is a ballpoint pen made of stainless steel that has a fine point and black ink.
  • Monteverde Prima ballpoint pen in turquoise

Idea 4: Books and More Books

A lot of writers read a lot. Books make good gifts, whether they are books to read for fun, reference books, or books that help improve writing skills.

Kindle Books and Devices

Books weigh a lot! You can fit a whole library on a Kindle device that is the size of a paperback book. They have a backlight and last a long time on a battery (measured in weeks, not hours). They make great gifts for people who write.

  • A brand-new Kindle
  • There is also a brand-new Kindle Paperwhite with a water-resistant fabric cover and refurbished Kindles.

There are a lot of books in the Kindle ecosystem. Here are some of our favorites. An Amazon Kindle Unlimited subscription is the best gift for a reader because it gives them unlimited access to over a million Kindle books, current magazines, and Audible audiobooks.

Idea 5: Courses and Subscriptions

A magazine subscription helps a writer who is always looking for ways to get better.

You can sign up for Poets and Writers on Amazon and get it in print or on your Kindle. It is known as a place where creative writers can get information, advice, and help.
You can also get print or Kindle subscriptions to Writer’s Digest from Amazon. It helps writers get better at what they do and get their work published.
The Writer is a magazine for the Kindle that helps writers get better at what they do.
Creative Nonfiction has long essays, commentary, interviews with writers, and more. You can subscribe to it on Kindle or in print.
Online training is another great way for writers to get better at what they do. There are many different courses to choose from.

With an Udemy subscription, you can take a lot of writing classes.

  • The A Grammar Refresher course on Grammar Lion gives personalized grammar lessons with a one-on-one teacher.
  • Besides the magazine, Writer’s has more than 350 videos that teach you how to write.
  • By signing up for a monthly plan, you can get access to the Malcolm Gladwell Teaches Writing masterclass.

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