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  • Never-expiring Turbo Points
  • 4X turbo points on fuel
  • Annual Fee: NIL
  • Joining Fee: NIL
  • Never – expiring Reward Points
  • 10X rewards on apparel/department stores
  • Annual Fee: NIL
  • Joining Fee: NIL
  • Cashback on every purchase
  • 5% cashback on movies & utility bills
  • Annual Fee: NIL
  • Joining Fee: NIL

Everybody regards credit cards as important banking products. However, not all credit cards are the same and may not offer the same advantages. Due to the advantages they offer over other credit cards, Citi credit cards are regarded as one of the top options. Before applying for one, be aware of the following:

Online selections for Citi Credit Cards that have been pre-approved include: Citi provides online sign-up bonuses to its customers. Online applications and pre-approvals are available for credit cards.

You are permitted to have an unlimited number of Citi credit cards after they have been approved.

Strict application requirements: Citi credit cards come with strict application requirements. You may apply for one Citi Personal Card per eight days. Every 65 days, a maximum of two cards may be applied for, and every 95 days, a single Citi Business Card may be applied for. These guidelines vary based on each individual’s credit history.

When you open or close a card within the last 24 months, you can receive the Citi Credit card sign-up bonus more than once.

Don’t request credit limit increases frequently: Always remember that Citi may not always be amenable to your requests for credit limit increases. It could also be seen as a desire for credit. So, make the most of the credit limit that has been allocated for a while before asking for an increase if necessary.

If your request for a Citi credit card has been declined, wait: If your application for a Citi credit card has been rejected for any reason, do not reapply. To get your application accepted, you must carefully understand their reconsideration policy and must not ignore it.

Instant credit card number: Citi will occasionally provide you with an instant credit card number after your application has been approved so you can use it right away. But only Citi’s 1-2 cards are eligible for the facility.

Quick online credit card status check: Once you’ve applied for a Citi Credit card, you may find out whether your application has been approved without having to wait for a call from a manager. You may easily and quickly check the status of your credit card application online.

Now, we'll show you the different kinds of credit cards that Citibank gives to its customers:

1. IndianOil Citibank Platinum Credit Card: This card can save you a lot of money on gas and is made for people who drive a lot.

When you buy fuel at any IndianOil station in India, you get turbo points.

– You get 4 turbo points for every 150 rupees you spend on fuel.

– The card’s annual fee is waived after Rs. 30000 is spent on it each year.

Among the other benefits are discounts of up to 20% at restaurants and the ability to cash in reward points.

2. Citibank Cash Back Credit Card: This card gives you rewards for spending money every day on things like groceries and meals at different restaurants.

When customers buy things from different merchant outlets, they can get cash back offers and other special deals and discounts.

– Get 5% cash back on your phone bill, utility bill, and movie tickets.

– You can redeem and get cash back in multiples of Rs. 500.

– You can save about 20% at about 2,000 restaurants, such as Costa Coffee, Pizza Hut, etc.

3. Citibank Rewards Cards: This card gives you discounts and special offers when you shop.

– About a 20% discount on restaurants and stores.

– Gives 10 reward points for every Rs. 125 spent at partner merchant stores.

– Points never expire, and you can use them to get deals on vacations, cash back, air miles, and other things.

EMI shopping benefits are extra features.


  • If you already have a Citibank Credit Card, you already know that these cards come with fun reward programs. Citibank credit cards will meet your needs, no matter what they are.

  • Most Citibank credit cards come with insurance, which can help pay for things like travel, lost luggage, health care, and other unexpected costs.

  • Exclusive rewards: If you have a Citibank credit card, you can not only earn attractive rewards on a regular basis, but you can also use them to get very special deals.

  • There are different kinds of credit cards. No matter how you live, shop, travel, etc., you can always find the right Citibank credit card for you.


  • You must be between 18 and 70 years old.
  • One who lives in India
  • You need a good CIBIL SCORE.
  • You need a steady monthly income (the income that is required varies from one card to another).


  • Photo for a passport (colored)
  • Address proof (electricity bill, ration card)
  • A photo of your ID (driving license, voter ID)
  • A form that has been signed.

There are other Citibank Credit Cards for every customer’s needs. Citibank Corporate Credit Card, Citi Prestige Credit Card, etc. are all examples of credit cards. Before you apply for a Citibank credit card and pay the annual fee that comes with it, you should know what your main and secondary needs are.

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