10 Best Places To Buy Healthy, Affordable Plants Online

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Buy Plants Online: When your space is missing a certain “je ne sais quoi,” easy-care houseplants and indoor trees are always a good choice. They add life to any room, clean the air, and make you feel better. When looking for new plants, there are many things to think about, like the amount of light, the level of care, and the size of the pot. If you order online, you also have to worry that your plant won’t arrive well-packaged or healthy. We looked for the best places to buy plants online in 2023 to help you narrow down your options.

We ordered houseplants from some of the most popular places to buy plants online, such as superstores like Amazon, florists like UrbanStems, and companies that specialize in houseplants like The Sill and Bloomscape, to see which ones really know how to grow, pack, and ship plants. For our top picks, we looked at how easy it is to find our way around the site, the range of plants and prices, how the plants are packaged, and how they looked when they arrived (for those that were personally tested).

We did find good and bad things about each site. Some stores offer free shipping, helpful instructions on how to care for plants, and low prices, while others sell rare plants and trendy planters. Overall, these online plant delivery services make it easy to order live plants, and some are best for houseplants, outdoor plants, succulents, air plants, growing kits, and garden herbs. Find the one you like best and get ready to show off your green thumb.

Buy Plants Online

1. The Sill

The Sill
Check out The Sill if you’re new to growing houseplants and just getting your feet wet in gardening. This site only sells houseplants, and its goal is to encourage “plant parenting.” Each new friend comes with simple care instructions and, for some types, a one-year guarantee. (Yes, The Sill will send you another one if you kill it.) It’s easy to sort plants by how easy they are to take care of, how much light they need, or whether they are good for pets.

Prices range from $38 for a small plant in a grow pot to $60 or more for a larger plant in a chic pot (most plants offer a few pot options). If you don’t know where to start, The Sill has a quiz called “Find Your Plant Match” that will help you choose the right plant.

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2. Amazon

You can buy plants on Amazon, yes. On the online superstore, you can find specimens for as little as $2, but you’ll get what you pay for. Our plant came in a messy box, and its plastic pot had almost no soil in it. But if you don’t mind taking care of a sick plant and getting it back to health, Amazon’s garden center is the cheapest way to go.

Keep in mind that the way your plant is packed and whether or not it comes with care instructions will vary from seller to seller. We recommend reading reviews before buying plants on Amazon. For example, Costa Farms makes a lot of the best-selling items on Amazon, like this snake plant, which has more than 8,000 five-star ratings.

3. UrbanStems

In some cities, these florists can deliver plants like this bird’s nest fern in as little as two hours. UrbanStems also offers free, next-day shipping nationwide. The plants are on the more expensive side ($30 and up), but the containers are included in the price, and you’ll save money on delivery in the end. Along with your new plant, you’ll also get a personalized notecard from the sender.

Even though we love that these plants are already in pots, it’s important to know that you can’t save money by buying plants in growing pots, and most plants don’t come with pot options.

4. Horti

We tried Horti ourselves, and our Peperomia Green plant, which came in a terracotta pot and cost only $30, was healthy and beautiful when it arrived. The pet-friendly houseplant came well-packaged with a heating pad to keep it warm during shipping and a dehydrated soil wafer that quickly turned into enough dirt to fill the pot.

Horti’s starter kits and carefully chosen plant collection give you the confidence to start your own indoor nursery. Also, Horti has plans for plant insurance that give you help for 3 to 6 months if you can’t bring your dead houseplants back to life. The brand also has a monthly subscription service for plant lovers and people who don’t know much about plants.

5. Bloomscape

Buy Plants Online, Bloomscape’s plant was the only one in our road test that was packed more securely. In addition to the cardboard inserts that held the pot and tray in place, the soil in the container was held in place by a coco fiber mat and a layer of Spanish moss. Our prayer plant came to us already doing well, and it also came with care instructions, so you can feel good about giving these as gifts to anyone, even if they don’t have a green thumb.

Small plants in pots start at just $35, and if you spend more than $150, shipping is free. Most plants will have three or more pot colors from which you can choose (most commonly charcoal, stone, and clay). The pots from Bloomscape are made from 80 percent recycled plastic, which is a nice bonus.

6. Plants.com

Plants.com is a popular choice for people who like plants because it has a wide range of houseplants, trees, and flowers in pots. You can choose from succulents, hanging plants, tropical plants, herbs, and farm-fresh flowers, as well as some seasonal items and gifts for special occasions. We got a succulent garden like this one for Valentine’s Day. The small plants were healthy when they arrived and have stayed healthy for a long time.

You’ll get care instructions for every plant you buy, and you can scroll through their detailed guide to taking care of plants. You can start your search by type or by lifestyle: plants for beginners, plants that clean the air, plants that are good for pets, Zodiac plants, or Feng Shui plants. Free shipping on all orders over $100!

7. Leaf and Clay

Leaf and Clay
Leaf and Clay has a lot of beautiful houseplants and accessories, but succulents and cacti are its main focus. You can get a lot of colorful succulents for $5, like the Aeonium ‘Kiwi’ or the Echeveria ‘Blue Atoll,’ or you can buy a set of succulents with fun names like “spikey,” “weirdo,” and “pastel party.” The company offers a succulent club because it thinks that “plant mail is the best mail.” It costs $24.95 per month for four 2″ succulents.

There aren’t a lot of houseplants to choose from, but Leaf and Clay have a collection of rare plants that you can sort by all the usual categories, such as easy care, pet-friendly, low light, bright light, and air purifying. A big plus is that shipping is free on orders over $59, and you get your fourth plant for free.

8. Etsy

Not just for arts and crafts. Etsy is a place where nurseries from all over the country sell plants, so you can find unique varieties and colors that you won’t find on other sites. The quality can vary depending on the seller, but our prayer plant from Etsy came in a safe package with soil that was still damp. It was a great deal at $15. Keep an eye out for Star Sellers when you’re shopping on Etsy if you want to make sure you get a good item.

9. Lively Root

Lively Root
Lively Root has a wide range of healthy plants, from succulents and mini plants (hint: mini spider plants) to hanging houseplants and indoor trees. Most of them come in small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes, and you can choose whether you want them to come with a growing pot, an eco pot, a basket, or a ceramic planter.

Most of their best-selling plants are easy to care for, like peace lilies, money trees, and snake plants. Lively Root makes it easy to sort by room or level of care, so you can find a houseplant that works for your space and way of life. Choose between “easy care,” “medium care,” and “green thumb,” or search by “low light,” “bright light,” or “low water.”

10. The Bouqs Company

The Bouqs Company
Our Bouqs plant looked happy and healthy when it arrived, with its green and yellow leaves standing up straight. Bouqs is best known for delivering flowers, but it also has a carefully chosen selection of houseplants, such as money trees, orchids, aloe, and ZZ plants.

When shipping houseplants, Bouqs lets you pick the date of delivery, which makes it a great choice for giving as a gift. Just keep in mind that most plants take about a week to arrive, so if you want to send a gift for a birthday or Valentine’s Day, plan ahead. You can also sort flowers and plants by occasion, like “Sympathy,” “Anniversary,” “Thank You,” and “Get Well,” so you can narrow down your gift.

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